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Plantation Shutters vs Blinds

plantation shutters for your homeChoosing between blinds and shutters is really a matter of personal taste, and while there is no right or wrong, there are some fundamental differences between the two. While both choices offer privacy and light control, plantation shutters have the reputation of adding another level of sophistication and designer style to a home. No matter how much your décor may change over the years, these shutters have a timeless, classic appeal that will never date. The durability and contemporary styles available makes them a great investment, as they can significantly increase the value of your home. Hugely versatile, you can install them both inside and outside. They are hand-made to your unique window size, and can be applied to almost any window shape or doorway. These particular types of shutters give you the ultimate in privacy and light control. You can vary the light entering the room simply by adjusting the slats. You can choose a style that allows you to keep the bottom louvres closed for privacy, while the top louvres are open to allow the light in. When they are fully closed, they give you absolute privacy while looking sleek and sophisticated. They are also a fantastic way to lower your heating and cooling costs. When closed, they create an insulating gap between the door or window, which gives you superior thermal and acoustic insulation and reduces your reliance on expensive heating and air-conditioning.

Should I choose Fauxwood or Timber shutters?

Both of these options will add instant designer style to your home, but there are a few lifestyle and budgetary factors that may influence your decision either way. Are your shutters likely to be exposed to young children’s finger marks or accidents with crayons? Will they be installed in high traffic or wet areas? Do you have a significant area of window space to cover? Are you on a tight budget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider Fauxwood.

The benefits of Fauxwood shutters

Fauxwood is extruded PVC which gives you the look of wood at a fraction of the price. With its high resistance to humidity, heat and moisture, you can install Fauxwood shutters in areas where timber is not typically used such bathrooms and kitchens. They won’t fade or mark easily, which makes them ideal for sunny spots and in kid’s bedrooms or playrooms. And they’re very simple to keep clean – just wipe them down with a cloth every few months to keep them looking as good as new. Fauxwood is available in White, Off White, Pure White and Antique White, and will easily complement your existing décor.

What are the benefits of these kinds of shutters?

plantation shutters by carpet courtFor some people, nothing beats the authentic look and feel of real wood. A lot of interior designers are celebrating the return to using natural materials, and while traditional timber is more expensive than Fauxwood, it does brings an air of genuine warmth and luxury to your home. Timber shutters also give you more choice when it comes to colour. Choose lighter hues such as Maple or Cedar for a more traditional look, or add some drama with statement colours such as Mahogany or Black Walnut.

How will Plantation Shutters benefit my home?

Plantation Shutters are a great way to instantly improve the kerb appeal of your home. Made from strong, durable, maintenance-free aluminium, they’re a stylish choice for adding privacy on balconies, patios, verandahs and windows. On the practical side, they also provide superior insulation benefits, keeping your home cooler in summer, warmer in winter. Hinged, bi-fold or sliding options allow you to control the light and sun penetration to a room.

Why should I buy shutters from Carpet Court?

Carpet Court’s reputation as Australia’s largest retail flooring specialist is well known, but with over 147 local stores selling blinds and shutters, we’re also Australia’s largest retailer of window coverings. All our stores are locally owned and operated by people well versed in the latest design trends. Specialist advice mixed with inspiration and personal service makes Carpet Court the ultimate destination when choosing your shutters.

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