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Why should I choose Redbook Green Life Carpet for My Flooring?

What are the benefits of installing Redbook Green Carpets?

Stylish Sustainable Carpet from Redbook Green LifeRedbook Green Life is the ultimate accessory in stylish, sustainable living. Available in a selection of styles, including twist, pile and patterned hi-lo loop finish, each carpet offers a creative blend of functionality, comfort and quality aesthetic appearance to meet every need of the contemporary family home. Because they are constructed from triexta fibres, which carry in-built stain, wear, fade and oil-resistant qualities, Redbook Green carpets offer an easy to clean flooring solution capable of taking active family life in its stride. They are also allergy-friendly and incredibly soft for practical purposes. The core ranges – Cloud Walk, Mountain Chalet, Scenic Walk, Seamist and Spring Effects – all use yarn made with Sorona® renewably sourced polymer, with 37% natural corn sugar to create an eco-chic result that promises style and durability for the long-term.

What are the advantages of using triexta?

There are so many advantages to using triexta fibres in carpets. Its resistance to soil and general stain resistance is extraordinary. The impervious nature of the triexta fibres means that most stains can be removed by applying cold water to the affected area. Essentially, once the carpet has been dyed, it has no surface bonding sites for permanent stains which simply coat the fibre until removed with water. Triexta fibre are also ultra-soft and durable, making them ideal for the most demanding and busy households.

If I am looking to install new carpets in my room which colour should I choose?

Flooring is the first design element you should consider when conceptualising or refreshing any room of your home. Creating a harmonious palette where all colours work in conjunction with one another, and are also aligned to the purpose of the room is key when making your carpet selection. A lighter colour palette will offer more space during the day, but if you spend more time at home on an evening or if the space is inherently dark, then darker tones will help blur the boundaries between wall and floor, creating the illusion of space. The collection comprises a number of core ranges: Cloud Walk, Mountain Chalet, Scenic Rise, Seamist and Spring Effects, each of which offers colour options inspired by nature’s surroundings, with earthy tones, rich foliage-inspired hues and neutral stones that reflect the range’s eco-friendly foundations to bring the outside in. And with all carpets within the range boasting robust colourfastness qualities, there’ll be no concerns about your chosen shade losing its depth over time.

Why is this carpet the right carpet for me?

Hardwearing Redbook Green Life CarpetsRedbook Green Life is a hardwearing twist pile carpet range designed specifically with active family homes in mind. Combining the classic comfort of carpet with a durability that ensures the quality look and feel of your space is retained well into the future, the range offers extra heavy-duty resistance to wear, fade, stains and soil, making it the ideal flooring choice for those high traffic areas. Like its sister collection, Redbook Green, it incorporates the latest technology in ‘renewable’ carpet manufacturing, using yarn made with Sorona® renewably sourced polymer. Its two ranges, Floral Fields and Nature’s Gift, boast an eco-friendly finish inspired by and mindful of the natural environment, with tones that provide a neutral base or bring a pop of colour to any room.

If I am looking at buying carpet who should I talk to?

Flooring is one of the most important design elements of any space and with endless combinations of fibre and pile options to choose from, it’s important to have the peace of mind that your investment is one which best fits your needs and vision for your home. The team at Carpet Court possess extensive product and design knowledge across the full spectrum of carpet options and can help to advise you which materials, styles and colours will be most appropriate for your space. Find your nearest Carpet Court store by using our store finder here and start the conversation today.

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