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We make carpet tile, but we sell design.

Interface, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile and is setting the pace for
development of modular carpet using materials and processes that take less from the environment.

Feature Products:

Woven Modular Carpet Tiles

Woven Collection

Carpet Tile Near & Far Collection

Near & Far Collection

Hospitality Carpet Tile Collection

Hospitality Collection

Equal Measure Carpet Tile Collection

Equal Measure Collection

Human Nature Carpet Tile Collection

Human Nature Collection

Phonic Modular Carpet Tiles

Phonic Collection

As pioneers in modular carpet tile,
we launched a completely new
paradigm that informs our entire
systems approach. 

We feel a kinship with the legendary
mad scientist-always tinkering behind the scenes to come up with better ways of improving the status quo.

This has led to great innovations in
flexibility and sustainability. Modularity
defines more than just our products:
it’s a metaphor for how we see the
world, and a sure path to improving it.


Learn more about Interface:


The Unlikely Hero

Interface Networks

Interface Logo
Interface Mission Statement

What are the benefits of installing carpet tiles in my home or work space?

At Carpet Court, we have teamed up with leading brands such as Interface, Feltex and Victoria Carpets to bring you the best collection of hardwearing modular carpet tiles for your office, home studio, workplace, or leisure area.

Carpet tiles are ideal for busy areas with a lot of floor traffic and have several obvious benefits of which the main ones are listed below.

  • Easy to Install. Carpet tiles are easy to install, remove and replace. The process of installing carpet tiles is simple and straightforward and large areas can be laid in a short time. For customers, this represents a significant cost and time benefit.
  • Buy only as much as you need. As well as offering a high degree of flexibility, this also means there’s a relatively low level of wastage compared to other types of flooring, and thus a greater degree of sustainability.
  • Different design options. The floor is fundamental when designing great spaces. Choose textures and colours and let your imagination guide you in the many different options that can be created with modular carpet tiles.
  • Easy maintenance. Vacuum your modular flooring in the normal way. Should a tile become marked, then simple pull up the tile and wash it or swap the tiles around to wear a mark won’t be too obvious or replace the tile with a new one.

With carpet tiles, it is easy to be creative and use different colours to accentuate areas or create divisions in open plan spaces. You can create stripes, borders, a rug effect, or random patterns as required to suit your space.


What types of modular carpet tiles are available at Carpet Court?

At Carpet Court, you can choose from six different Interface collections (Woven, Near & Far, Hospitality, Equal Measure, Human Nature and Phonic) to create your ultimate floor design, depending on your chosen area and requirements. Each collection has its own unique characteristics and co-ordinating colour palette, and our experienced teams at Carpet Court will be pleased to advise you on the many different options that are available to find the best solution for your space.


Why choose Interface modular carpets?

Interface Hospitality designs and manufactures unique flooring. Modular carpet can help you create a unique space for your guests, as well as your business. The soft comfort underfoot and design flexibility are accompanied by efficient installation, sound acoustics, easy maintenance, and the possibility to specify the right product, exactly where it's needed.


Interface products can also help stimulate the senses and enhance the user experience. The variety of textures, colours and formats can easily be combined to create different moods and zones. You can also create unique rugs for comfort and contrast. Take advantage of the many design possibilities, and the true creative freedom to realise your design vision.


Why buy modular carpet tiles at Carpet Court?

Choosing the right flooring is a crucial decision. After all, it’s something you may have to live with for years to come. As Australia's largest retail floor covering specialist, Carpet Court takes great pride in its reputation for expertise and advice based on our superior product knowledge.


Each Carpet Court Store is locally owned and operated which means we go out of our way to give you the best possible value, service, and advice. The Carpet Court Group has enormous bulk buying power so you will be getting the very best deal there is.

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