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Shelley Craft

Shelley joins longstanding ambassador and interior designer Darren Palmer and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and advice with budding renovators.


All Shelley's Interior DIY Tips

All Shelley's Interior DIY Tips

Flooring Updates 2017 Guide By Shelly Craft

Shelly's Top Flooring Choices by Shelley Craft

With today’s endless choice of flooring options, you could have a different finish in every room of the house. But what works best where?

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Shelley’s Guide to Decorating your Kid’s Bedroom

As a busy mum, Carpet Court ambassador and Australian TV personality, Shelley Craft knows just how important it is to create a fun and comforting bedroom that your kid will love for years to come...

Top Tips for Kitchen Updates

Top Tips for Simple Kitchen Updates

Need to upgrade your kitchen? Kitchen renovations can be expensive, disruptive and plain hard work. But the good news is you don’t need to rip it all out and start again...

4 Easy DIY Steps with Shelley Craft

4 Easy DIY Steps with Shelley Craft

Whether you’re undertaking a major renovation or looking to update a room with a seasonal trend, Shelley has four simple steps to help with your DIY projects....

Interior Decorating Redesign living Room

I’m redesigning my living room – where do I start?

I am constantly redesigning bits of my living room, moving things around and replacing individual items of furniture...

Carpet Maintenance Tips How To Keep Carpet In Good Condition

How can I keep my carpet looking good so I don’t need to pay for professional cleaning?

Most methods for carpet cleaning are things you can do yourself at home...

Interior Decorating Summer Home Look

How can I get summer look in my home?

Summer is coming creeping back round again, with a brighter and warmer feeling already being welcomed back into our lives. So as we start to open up the patio doors again...

Decorating Ideas Hire Interior Designer

Should I hire an interior designer to do the work for me?

Those awesome rooms you see when you flick through Pinterest or Google Images for inspiration didn't just end up on the internet because someone snapped them on their iPhone...

Design Ideas Stop Falling Headboard In Bed

How can I stop my headboard from falling when I move my bed away from the wall to make my bed?

Headboards aren’t that common these days, mainly because modern beds are stylised in a way that means the headboard is already fixed as part of the frame...

Design Tips For Room Look Bigger Space

How can I make my room look bigger?

We always want to make the most of the space we have. If done right, you will be surprised by how the whole feel of a room has been transformed by some of the simplest things...

Design Tips Best Carpet For Large Family Heavy Footfall

What are the best carpets for heavy footfall of large families?

If you’ve asked this question, you may have a large family and you’re already thinking about how long your carpet will last, the sort of material that will be more resistant...

Interior Decorating Furniture In Apartment

What type of furniture should I get for my apartment?

This is a rather open ended question. But it’s one that we’ll all face at some point in our lives. With so many options and so many styles making the first steps to filling...

Carpet Clearning Tips Remove Coffee Stain Out of Carpet

How can I get a coffee stain out of my carpet?

Coffee stains can be the worst thing to have to try and get out of your carpet. The colour of coffee is so dark that a stain will show up on almost any colour of carpet...

Carpet Ideas The Difference Between Loop and Cut Carpets

What is the difference between loop and cut carpets?

Buying a carpet is a bit complex. On the one hand you have a few different materials cropping up: Nylon and wool are the most common, but polypropylene features quite a lot too...

Design Ideas Tips Most Popular Carpet Styles

What are the most popular carpet styles at the moment?

There are two paths you can take when picking a carpet for your room design: A neutral carpet to act as the blank canvas for the rest of your room;or a bold centre-piece...

Interior Decorating Best Colours For Kitchen Designs

What are the best colours to use for my kitchen design?

Colour is one of the central ingredients of any design, so the importance of making the right colour decisions should never be underestimated...

Interior Designs Tips For Rugs

When I think of rugs I just think of my grandmother's flower patterned ones, aren't they a bit outdated these days?

When I think of rugs I remember my grandmother's old persian style rugs too, faded and frayed but as good as ever. I also think of stepping on the corner of the bathroom rug...

Interior Designs Tips For Rugs Carpet Decorating

Is there any point in getting a rug if I already have a carpet?

It's probably a rather common scenario: You revamp your living room with a nice, light wall-to-wall carpet. You get it looking pristine, right up until your kids get home...

Design Ideas Quick Style Dining Room

How can I impress my dinner guests with some quick style improvements in my dining room?

The prospect of a dinner party is an exciting opportunity to break out the best china and show off your new dining room designs. I don't think that any room design...

Interior Designs styles Kitchen Lighting Tips

What are the best ways to enhance my kitchen lighting?

Most home owners don't really get an opportunity to do a whole lot of rewiring. Despite this, lighting features have been one of my favourite aspects that normally...

     Shelley Craft's Interior Designs DIY Tips

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