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How can I get a coffee stain out of my carpet?

How can I get a coffee stain out of my carpet?

how to remove coffee stain carpet tips

Coffee stains can be the worst thing to have to try and get out of your carpet. The colour of coffee is so dark that a stain will show up on almost any colour of carpet, except the dark browns and black.

Coffee is water-based though, so there are quite a few ways that you can get coffee stains out:
how to remove coffee stain carpet cleaning
Soda water - the "club soda" method is pretty well known. It relies on speed. So, as soon as the coffee is spilt, you need to soak the area with soda water and blot with a clean cloth. Keeping the stain wet stops it from soaking in to the carpet and staining. There are lots of similar methods to the club soda method, as it's the non-staining fizzy liquid that has the effect of diluting the coffee so that it can be removed. Some people suggest beer for instance, but this can leave an unattractive odour that you might want to avoid!

Vinegar - the other famous method of stain removal is vinegar. You should make sure you use white vinegar however, as using the more common malt variety can make its own stain on light carpets. Coffee is essentially water soluble, so white vinegar should help lift the stain even if it has started drying. After the stain is no longer visible you'll want to rinse with water, or shampoo your whole carpet to freshen it up and make sure that it's even.

Baking soda - baking soda can often be used alongside white vinegar for those extra-stubborn coffee stains. Applying baking soda to the stained area immediately after the coffee is spilt will soak up all the liquid to stop it soaking into your carpet. After most of the moisture has been lifted mix the baking soda with the vinegar will help to lift the rest of the stain, and by blotting with a clean cloth you should be able to get it all cleaned up.
how to remove coffee stain carpet ideas
Salt - in much the same way as baking soda, salt will absorb the liquid immediately after your coffee spill and so stop it from soaking too deeply into the carpet.

Shaving foam - After stains have dried they can be a bit more tricky to remove. Coffee is water soluble, so in theory it should come out easily enough. But if it's had time to dry before you get to it, it probably also means that it's soaked in deeply, and that can make the stain much harder to lift. By dampening the carpet with a wet clean cloth, and rubbing shaving foam into the carpet you'll work new moisture more deeply into the carpet, which will help lift the stain. Make sure you don't damage the carpet in the process though!

Removing a stain is one thing, but making sure your carpet still looks fresh overall is another. Over time our carpets will change colour, as wear and tear ages the carpet for instance. A stain often means that we are forced to intensely clean one specific area of the carpet, which, in turn, can make the newly cleaned area brighter than the rest of the carpet. If this is the case, it's probably time to give your carpet a deep clean, with carpet shampoo or a speciality vacuum cleaner.
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How can I get a coffee stain out of my carpet?

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