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Shelley Craft

Shelley joins longstanding ambassador and interior designer Darren Palmer and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and advice with budding renovators.


Is there any point in getting a rug if I already have a carpet?

Is there any point in getting a rug if I already have a carpet?

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It's probably a rather common scenario: You revamp your living room with a nice, light wall-to-wall carpet. You get it looking pristine, right up until your kids get home from school and start traipsing across it with boots and toys and you realise that your cream berber carpet won't stay cream for very long. That's at least one reason why you might want to invest in a rug: Any room with heavy footfall or frequented by a busy family will benefit from a rug to make your flooring last longer.

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But I appreciate what you're really asking about is the aesthetics of putting a rug on a carpet. Rug on carpet can be a bit like double denim. An awful faux-pas on the one hand, or a classy snub to style rules on the other. Get it wrong and your lounge might look like a dad dancing at a wedding, get it right and people will notice it for all the right reasons.

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Getting it right isn't really that hard at all though. It's about aiming for contrast: Whether that's the contrast of pattern, a zigzagged rug on a plain carpet; a contrast of colour, a brightly coloured rug on a cream carpet; or a contrast of texture, a rough, tasselled rug on a smooth carpet; it's the differences that have the best effect. The contrast is always what makes the two similar floors look good together, so if you get it right you'll make your canny decision to protect your carpet look like a great style choice.

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    Is there any point in getting a rug if I already have a carpet?

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