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What are the most popular carpet styles at the moment?

What are the most popular carpet styles at the moment?

designs tips most popular carpet styles

There are two paths you can take when picking a carpet for your room design: A neutral carpet to act as the blank canvas for the rest of your room; or a bold centre-piece carpet which is a show-stopper in itself.

The former approach is the safest option, and it's also the most versatile. So it's no surprise that a simple-toned carpet is easily the most popular choice for carpet styles. In fact, you've probably seen it in most of your friend's living rooms. It's a look that never goes out of fashion, simply because, with a neutral base, you can change your room design whenever you want.
interior ideas most popular carpet styles
I often think that this approach can be quite boring. Dull greys, boring beiges and tedious topes just don't get me very excited about design. If you have a plain grey carpet no visitors will complement you on your choice of flooring. So I think that turning your popular carpet into something worth showing off takes a bit more than just going for a neutral colour.

The way to make visitors really notice your quality carpet choice is about finding an interesting and stylish texture to give a bit of life to your blank canvas.
interior designs most popular carpet styles
The range of quality carpets at Carpet Court give a few perfect examples of what I mean. For instance, the luxurious heathered loop style of the Provincial Lane line proves that a simple earthy base colour can provide some elegant contrasts that ooze luxury, due to the quality cut of the pile. Similarly the numerous loop patterns of the Designer Style range prove that one shade of beige can have enough variations of texture to ensure your carpet is both distinctive and contemporary. Contrasting texture can create striped effects, chequered effects or cross-hatching. It's this detail that turns a simple carpet into a stand-out one, and it's probably the wide range of carpet textures that have kept the neutral look so popular.

So with a little bit of texture, keeping it khaki is as fashionable as it gets right now. Think about it: it looks natural, it looks high quality and it will match absolutely everything.
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What are the most popular carpet styles at the moment?

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Provincial Lane range
Provincial Lane range
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