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What is the difference between loop and cut carpets?

What is the difference between loop and cut carpets?

difference loop and cut carpet types

Buying a carpet is a bit complex. On the one hand you have a few different materials cropping up: Nylon and wool are the most common, but polypropylene features quite a lot too. Then you have the various styles: "textured loop pile", "twist pile", "stipple twist cut pile". It's not a surprise if you're stumped! My advice would be not to worry too much about the jargon. You'll find out more about the type of carpet you like or need by seeing the options available for yourself, trying them out, walking on them. The chances are you've already got a carpet in your home: Do you like the style? Do you want something softer? Longer lasting? Looking at the descriptions of carpet quality and type is a lot more useful than going only by a specific style. So when it comes to buying a carpet stick with that, don't get too attached to a specific finish like "twist cut" or you might be missing out on other great options. After all, the carpet quality is going to vary regardless of the label put on it. But to help you out, here are a few of the common words used:


The carpet pile is basically just the soft layer that you walk on, so it's the general term for the style of carpet. The pile will usually be made from either wool, nylon, polypropylene or polyester. The different materials will determine the longevity of your carpet, and will affect the softness. Different types of pile have different sorts of textures, different looks and different feels:

difference loop and cut carpet types tips

Loop pile

Loops are created when a carpet is woven. Therefore the finish of the carpet can depend very much on what arrangement these loops come in and what finish is applied to them. So a "cut loop" carpet will be just that - where the loops are cut to create tufts of a uniform length. If the loops are left as they are you will have "loop pile". Loop pile carpets include Berber carpets. Of course things get a bit more complicated when you see "cut and loop" in the style description. This is an indication of a combination of cut loops and plain loops which change the texture and overall look of the carpet. A lot of "textured" carpets you'll see on carpet court are made from cut and loop pile as the process creates stylish and elegant carpet designs.


Cut pile

The "tufts" on a carpet refer to the fabric that sticks up from the carpet base. Tufted carpets are really common, but the "tufted" effect depends on the production method: "tufted" and "cut loop" carpets can look very similar, it just depends how they are made. The tufts themselves can be cut to different lengths, and can be different thicknesses, all of which affects the feel of the carpet. Cut pile carpets include "plush" carpets, which is another common term that refers to the type of weave used in the production process. Plush carpets usually have small, closely spaced tufts.


If you look at the way a string of wool is made, you'll see finer fibres twisted together to create a strong length of wool. This is the "twist" that commonly crops up when describing carpet styles. Different twists have different effects on the carpet finish. Saxony carpets, for instance, have a tight twist that can make the carpet stronger. That said, tighter twist can mean that the carpet is less soft, but, again, this also depends on the material used and the quality.
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What is the difference between loop and cut carpets?

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