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Shelley joins longstanding ambassador and interior designer Darren Palmer and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and advice with budding renovators.


What type of furniture should I get for my apartment?

What type of furniture should I get for my apartment?

interior tips furnishing tiny apartment

This is a rather open ended question. But it’s one that we’ll all face at some point in our lives. With so many options and so many styles making the first steps to filling an apartment with furniture really is rather daunting.

I like to think of furnishing my apartment in much the same way I think about where to go on holiday. It seems silly, but the things you need to think about are just the same!

interior designs ideas furnishing tiny apartment

For starters you have to think about the cost. You can’t just go buying flights to New York if you don’t know whether you can afford a hotel once you’re there! So you shouldn’t judge each chair and table separately, budget for the whole lot at the same time, make a list. Your apartment’s going to need a sofa and a bed for sure; you might want a TV stand and a dining table too. The cost is already starting to ramp up. Do you really need that double wardrobe or is a wardrobe-drawer combo good enough? Plan out what you think you’re going to need to spend.

Then you should think about the other people involved. I’d love a week on a desert island, but the kids would be bored silly. The same goes for the apartment furniture – how many people are going to be sat in front of the TV or round a table? If your clothes only just squeeze in those drawers where will your partner’s go? Get back to that list and work out what you all need for the apartment to work. The same principle applies to taste: Your partner might not be too impressed if you go and fill your apartment with nothing but beanbags and lava lamps!

designs ideas furnishing tiny apartment

Once you know how much things should cost and you’ve got a good idea of what other people want, you can start to think about location. If you’ve got a tiny apartment, a giant sofa and queen size divan aren’t going to be the best options. You need to think about what will fit and what best utilizes space - Carpet Court have loads of great tips on making the most of the room you have.

Finally, and most importantly, what do you want? I like to go on holiday to relax but also to see the world and learn new things. I want the same for my apartment. I want a space where I can chill out, so I need the furniture for that – a cosy sofa and some floor cushions. But I also want a space where I can work, so a desk or table is important too. Back to that list again! It’s your apartment, the furniture you get for it is the furniture for you to live with, so make sure you know what you want and need before you hit the shops.
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What type of furniture should I get for my apartment?

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