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What are the benefits of choosing a Clix Laminate floor?

Clix Laminate offers a perfect combination of design and durability; style and substance. A viable option for those seeking an eco-friendly flooring solution, Clix comes with a certified low emission rating that makes green design easier than ever. Its range of eight unique finishes mesh with a variety of interior styles, to create a timeless look that will endure changing trends, along with the wear and tear of active family life. Scratches, stains and fading caused by sunlight are all kept at bay thanks to the hard-wearing protective layer built into each and every board, and because the material is ultra-hygienic, the floor surface simultaneously prevents the build-up of dirt and repels bacteria too. This makes it an ideal choice for rooms like kitchens and playrooms, along with high traffic areas, such as entranceways. Once installed, it’s simple to maintain the condition of your laminate; simply give it a regular sweep to pick up dry debris and ensure any wet spillages are cleaned with an appropriate product before being thoroughly dried to prevent watermarks.

What range of colours are available in the Clix Laminate collection?

The collection is made up of eight striking decors that range from classic, lighter tones, such as beech, oak and brushbox, through to styles with a more rustic feel, like grey brush boards.

When buying laminate what do I need to consider?

There are typically four key considerations to take into account when looking at installing laminate: budget, durability, your DIY prowess, and the overall look and finish of your room. In terms of budget, laminate presents a more affordable option for those wanting to emulate the look of real timber. The range is expertly crafted from the finest materials, meaning the finish is second to none and allowing you to achieve an authentic look, without the hefty price tag. When it comes to durability, laminate is a sure bet and Clix will stand up to almost anything you can throw at it. Its high density panels and tough melamine finish offer exceptional resistance to the dents, scratches and stains that are an inevitable consequence of everyday wear and tear. Clix Laminate uses the Uniclic locking system, which allows each board to be simply slotted into the adjoining one, which, for confident DIYers makes for a relatively straightforward home project. If, however you’d prefer an entirely fuss-free solution, Carpet Court can arrange for one of our flooring experts to lay your laminate – simply find your nearest store using our store locator and speak to a team member. And finally, to complement the overall aesthetic of your space, the Clix Laminate range offers eight unique styles designed to work in harmony with a cross-section of colour palettes.

How do I care for this range?

When it comes to cleaning laminate, using water sparingly is key to maintaining the look of your flooring. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or a microfiber brush dampened with appropriate, non-abrasive floor cleaning product on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of debris. If wet spillages occur, clear them up immediately using a damp cloth and ensure you dry the floor thoroughly afterwards.

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