10 smart ideas for small spaces

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When designing for a small space it’s all about being smart. If you can’t knock out walls to make the room bigger, there are several things you can do to make it feel bigger. You don’t need to compromise style and comfort when you’re faced with reduced dimensions. Here is our list of 10 smart ideas for small spaces:

10 smart ideas for small spaces

1. White or light colours. These colours reflect light instead of absorbing it, opening up the space straight away. If you have dark wooden floors and walls, paint over them in white or another light colour and brighten up your room. Or if you love your dark floorboards you can always invest in a beautiful cream or light coloured rug to give some extra light.

2. Sliding doors. Instead of hinged cupboard doors that open out and block pathways. Install sliding doors and glide around with ease. Houzz (www.houzz.com) showcase some beautiful interior sliding doors, which would do wonders for saving space. You can easily click directly through to the store.

3. Mirrors. Magnify your small space with a nice big mirror. If you have a beautiful view from a window place your mirror opposite it to reflect the outdoors to open up the space. You can also use a floor length mirror behind a piece of furniture to give it purpose instead looking crammed in.

4. Storage Storage Storage. You would be amazed at where you can store things you don’t need on display. Under a bed. Under a table. Under a staircase. Above a fridge. Narrow shelves on empty walls. And always build built-in storage if the space allows. FreshHome (www.freshome.com) have some very clever under-staircase storage ideas you can steal.

5. Clever curtains. Make your space feel organised and less cluttered. Use curtains (big and small) in the bedroom to conceal a messy wardrobe or shoe rack, under the bed or under a side table. West Elm (www.westelm.com) has some stunning curtains with large vertical prints to help your space feel bigger.

10 smart ideas for small spaces

6. Think Multipurpose. You don’t have room for lots of items so just pick a few and make sure they have at least two functions. A table with storage underneath and maybe even splits and goes up against a wall or extends. A washer and dryer in one. A dining room banquette with storage underneath that doubles as a guest bed. The possibilities are endless. Apartment Therapy (www.apartmenttherapy.com) share some great multi-purpose furniture options for small spaces.

7. Love Levels. If your ceiling height permits, build a small loft area for your bed with a small ladder to climb up. Not only will you save space but it’s such a fun way to go to bed.

8. Wall space is sacred. When you’re faced with small, it makes sense to go vertical. Use hooks and shelves to store items so you keep as much floor space free as possible. Buy or build storage solutions that maximise your wall space. Think Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Small House Design (www.smallhousedesign.net) have some wicked floor-to ceiling storage ideas And if you haven’t found your small space yet but you’re looking for one, choose one with nice high ceilings and windows. You get more wall space for storage and decoration, plus the space will actually be bigger.

9. Clear furniture. It might sound strange, but think of how much extra light you will get in your space with a clear plastic chair, or a nice glass table.

10. Lots of light. Place a collection of lamps around your small space. Lamps instantly make the room feel warmer and more intimate rather than crowded. Intentionally Small (www.intentionallysmall.com) have some cute ideas about a cozy way to light a small space.

So get cracking. Make the most of what you’ve got; style smarter and amplify your interiors!

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