2017 Flooring Trends

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The beginning of each year brings an overhaul of interior trends. Unlike the marble and copper accessory trends that have dominated the scene in the last few years, flooring trends is something that often goes unnoticed in a space. The cost of changing and updating flooring is a huge reason why flooring trends vary little from year to year. Instead, flooring trends seem to dramatically change every five to ten years as this is a much more affordable and viable option.

2017-Flooring-Trends_Stockmans-Ridge_Spotted-Gum Stockmans Ridge Timber – Spotted Gum

The biggest flooring trend of 2017 is set to be timber and hardwood flooring.



This is a swing back to a traditional flooring option, edging away from the floating floorboard trend that dominated the scene in the early 2010s.

Timber and hardwood flooring has been extremely popular in both lighter blonde colours and dark rich brown colours in the last few years. In 2017, however, grey shades are set to become extremely popular. Grey wood flooring comes in both lighter and darker shades. Both of these shades are great ways to make a space seem bigger and bring light in. This has the same effect as blonde wood floors and the opposite effect to dark rich brown colours, which makes a space seem smaller and more traditional.

Grey is a great way to introduce added texture and a lived in feeling to a space.


Laneway Vinyl Planks – Hickory Grey Laneway Vinyl Planks – Hickory Grey

Much like previous years, large format tiles is a trend that extremely prominent, especially in new building estates. The dramatic size of the tiles is a strong selling point, especially for open-plan living spaces as it allows the space to seem larger than it actually is. These tiles look great in natural shades with grey overtones. A key reason why this trend is staying on the scene is due to the limited grout lines, which allows for a cleaner looking space.

Another flooring trend that is steadily becoming more popular is polished concrete.



This flooring option is extremely practical for open-plan living as it does not include grout lines or timber slat lines, allowing for the space to appear larger. Polished concrete is also extremely easy to clean, however a space can seem cold and empty if it is not furnished properly, complimenting the polished concrete. When it comes to polished concrete, darker colours

Polished Concrete Polished Concrete

work best to create a more inviting atmosphere, rather than a cold, still feeling. As always with carpets, traditional, simple and neutral work best. Gone are the days of patterned carpet being used to create texture. Instead, texture within the carpet is being used to add an element of luxury and texture to a space.

A running theme across the flooring trends for 2017 seems to be simple, clean and crisp.



Keeping in line with this trend, 2017 has twisted the meaning for geometric patterned flooring and made it work for the design trends of now. Traditionally, geometric floor patterns has been included in tiles as a key feature of a space. Nowadays, however, geometric patterns have been becoming popular in wooden flooring. This is often used in herringbone timber floors, wideset tiles and large timber slat flooring. Rather than having patterned tiles, for example, opting for a more subdued, softer geometric pattern is a great option for 2017.

Gaia Wool Carpet – Natural Formations, Hanging Rock Gaia Wool Carpet – Natural Formations, Hanging Rock

In 2017 it is becoming clear that the classic, long lasting trends are here to stay.



No longer is patterned carpet something that is deemed acceptable, nor is brightly coloured flooring. The flooring trends of 2017 focus on being something that acts as a simple backdrop to all the amazing furniture and accessories that are available now.

By Naomi Findlay

Rapid Renovation Expert


Naomi is Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert and works with people around the country helping them create wealth and freedom using her Rapid Renovation Formula. Not only that…..Dr Naomi Findlay PhD is a nationally renowned expert on making money from property, Naomi creates beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces for you to focus and thrive in.  As well as helping you leverage your property when selling, renting or holding it. Naomi is also internationally renowned speaker and thought leader renovation.


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