5 Essential Design Blogs You Need To Follow This Year

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Design Blogs You Need To Follow This Year-Carpet Court

The Design Files: A Style Behemoth

The Design Files is probably the undisputed champ of online design blogs. The blog was started in 2008 and is impeccably maintained. It also has global reach, the Times newspaper in the UK identified it as one of the Top 50 design blogs in 2009, which just goes to show how world-wide, cutting-edge design trends are not just all about New York and London. The regularity and professionalism of posts here has turned the Design Files from a hobby design blog into a full art and style behemoth, with enough creativity and gloss to rival any design magazine or historic design institution. In fact, that is exactly what the Design Files is, an institution: Its depth and breadth satisfies the needs of amateur enthusiasts and commercial experts alike, forming a community of all things creative and all things aesthetic. It’s also quintessentially Australian, and it is this that makes the Design Files one of our top recommendations for design blogs in 2014.

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Check out the weekly features on Australian Homes here:


Inside Out: Pashionate Colour Connoisseurs


Essential Design

A bit of do-it-yourself can be a bit clunky when it comes to blogging. You get bogged down in step-by-steps, tech specs and substance over style. Which isn’t so bad at all really, because, at the end of the day, design isn’t just about staring at pretty things; it’s about actually getting your hands dirty and creating. And for the writer of Inside Out’s blog it’s both a lifestyle and a career. Written by an interior decorator who doubles up as a colour consultant, this site has a unique edge that makes it a far more practical blog than a lot of the other personal lifestyle diaries that clog the internet. Most of the Inside Out website is there to host a functioning consultancy business, but that commercialism doesn’t detract from the quality of information that we get for free. Colour is important, and reading about someone with so much passion for it is refreshing. For one it stops us getting stuck using colours for style purposes alone, while we ignore the feeling that we want to evoke in a room. It also gets us thinking outside the box, which is never a bad thing…

Here we can find out about the subtle variations of white paint:


Things: For The Nerdy Design lovers


Speaking of things outside the box, design is about much more than a few fancy renovations and stylish furniture. It is about timeless artistic precedents transferring over into the practicalities of everyday life. ‘Things’ is an online magazine, which probably seems like a bit of a cheat on a list of blogs. But Things also has a history which is so perfectly linked to design that it can’t go without a mention. Publication spans nearly 20 years, and the writers behind it have roots in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art. That’s a pretty good start for any publication, not least one that goes on to exemplify an acute passion for art and design. And it does this by expanding beyond the traditional design magazine/blog by sharing some rather outlandish posts that cover themes from outer space, to dance; from travel to architecture, and that’s just in the last month! Things is also about discovery, and it goes about finding new and random things in an abstract, if rather highbrow way! Definitely one for the more nerdy design lovers amongst us, as you can see from this typical post from deep in Things’ archives:




This Big City: A Treasure Chest of Astounding Urban Ideas


Essential Design

We’ve saved the best, and probably the biggest on our list, till last. No list of design blogs would be complete without a site that epitomizes the pulse of urban design: The city, where art meets environment, meets politics, meets philosophy, meets society. This Big City takes an extra leap in online blogging terms and comes back with something quite phenomenal. Even the most experienced designers will have something new to learn here. In fact, the site has become world famous, not least because it offers all of its posts in languages from Farsi to Chinese, but also because it ventures to question the fabric of cosmopolitan city lives. It’s anthropological too, and borders academic in its creative promotion of sustainable living. So much so that it’s become a community, embracing the online world by opening its innovation up for all. When it comes to finding new ways to look at design you need originality, and This Big City is a treasure chest for astounding and cutting-edge ideas:



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