5 Ideas for Spare Carpet Off-Cuts: Save your cuts, cut your waste

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Don’t just chuck your carpet trimmings in a skip, there are plenty of ways you can re-use your rugs. Here are just a few you could try to make the most of those extra square inches:

5 Ideas for Spare Carpet Off-Cuts

Make a Doormat

Surely the most obvious way to make the most of your bigger off-cut pieces is to make a doormat. And you’ll be protecting your new carpet in the process: Whether it’s from wear-and-tear from heavy foot fall or as a place to leave your muddy boots, having spare square of extra carpet can save you from monthly cleaning bills and make sure your carpet lasts longer. You don’t even have to be too creative, the same carpets will blend in with minimal effort; just trim the edges with some sheers and you’re good to go.

Furniture feet

Protecting your flooring doesn’t have to stop there either. Smaller off-cuts can be used under the feet of furniture to protect laminate flooring too. All you need is some decent scissors and some wood glue to avoid scratches and dents on your floors. This idea doesn’t just have to be used for laminate floors either – having an extra pad under the feet of your heavy furniture can help avoid deep indents in your existing carpet and avoid leaving ugly holes when you decide to move furniture around.

Protection from Pets

Carpet off-cuts are a really useful way to re-cover scratch pads for cats but you could try making one from scratch yourself with a heavy block of wood and some wood-glue. Cat claws can be a carpet’s worst nightmare. You could even try putting strips of carpet along the bottom of your doors to save your cats from clawing their way to the floorboards. The ideas don’t stop there either: Placing larger squares of spare carpet in your pet’s favourite sleeping spots will keep your carpet getting covered in their hairs and protect your carpet from dirty paws.

Weed killer

Spare carpets can be used in the most unlikely of places. Did you know that pieces of old carpet are frequently used by gardeners to place around plants to kill off weeds? In fact gardeners have all sorts of uses for old carpet, from using as covers for compost bins, to frost protection, to mats for kneeling on to stop their trousers from getting muddy. Even if you’ve got no use for your spare carpet cut-offs the chaps down at the local allotment might!

Door handle protectors

Cutting a small circle of carpet and sticking it to the contact spot where your door handle meets the wall will protect your wall from getting dented. At the same time it will stop the door from banging when it is opened. In fact doorways can benefit an awful lot from your carpet cut offs: Putting small strips of carpet on the frame of a door will stop the door from loudly slamming shut; strips of thinner carpet along the joints can stop drafts and thicker pieces can be used underneath the door too.

Still got some pieces left? There are plenty more uses for your carpet pieces: Coasters, draw liners, wardrobe liners, insulation, car mats, car boot liners, bathroom mats, sound proofing, fancy dress costumes. Be creative!

5 Ideas for Spare Carpet Off-Cuts: Save your cuts, cut your waste

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