Ensure your flooring geek status by learning the essential jargon

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Knowing your boucherouite from your beading and your acanthus from your arabesque is what separates a carpet wannabe from a carpet pro. Here are a few words you could try out to show off your carpet know-how:

Baked flooring

Thousands of years before under-floor heating became the staple of luxury modern architecture, the ancient Eastern world heated their stone flooring for the same comfort reasons. This was known as “baked flooring” as the stones would literally be heated up or baked. The Romans were famous for their methods of under-floor heating, but the bathroom-friendly heating method is much older, dating back to around 5,000BC.

Example: “That reconditioned timber looks as old as baked flooring”


ensure-your-flooring-geek-status-by-learning-the-essential-jargon_1 Beading refers to the strips of wood or laminate that go around the edges of your hard flooring to connect the floor to the skirting board. The idea is that it gives you a neat and uniform edge without any gaps or rough corners.

Example: “Plastic? Don’t be foolish, my beading is pure, 100%, antique oak”


A boucherouite is simply a rag-rug. But boucherouite sounds much better. Whether you’re buying into shabby chic flooring or trying out this simple but effective carpet craft for yourself, make sure everyone knows you’re the boucherouite pro with your superior technical knowledge.

Example: “Your boucherouite is about as classy as a Raggedy Ann”


A Kilim is a woven-style of carpet, identifiable by the lack of pile. The weaving process lends itself well to intricate and colourful geometric shape patterns, which also distinguishes Kilims from other Persian-style rugs with more flowery patterns.

Example: “Check out the warp and weft weave on my Kilim”


Lamella is the top surface layer of engineered wooden flooring. Engineered timber flooring uses layers of wood to prevent warping, and to give the cheaper wood a finish that is indistinguishable from more expensive solid wood. Different styles of cutting can give the top surface of different finished effects, including flat-sawn, quarter-sawn and rift-sawn.

Example: “My floor is half solid oak, half engineered plywood with an oak lamella, you’ll never guess which is which”


A palmette is simply a design motif that looks like a palm. There are tonnes of similar design motifs that are really common on rug designs, all of which are great to use to flex the best of your flooring knowhow. There’s the arabesque, the medallion, the fleur-de-lis, the dart, the acanthus, the moon, the star… you could go on forever. The sillier it sounds the better.

Example: “The acanthus felt a little plain so I intertwined the palmettes with the arabesqes for a more eloquent feel”

Polyethylene terephthalate

Polyethylene terephthalate is the synthetic plastic material used in food containers that is one of many materials that can be used in recycled carpets. There is a growing market for sustainable flooring and recycled materials are the perfect way to reduce the amount of material piled up in landfills.

Example: “That Persian-style pile you’re standing on is 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate”


Having an Afghan carpet is a sure-fire way to prove your flooring knowledge, but knowing where the real deal actually originates from is worth twice the carpet kudos. The Herat region of Western Afghanistan is famous for it’s rugs, which are often named after the local villages where they are produced. Shindand is one of the more well-known of these villages and produces highly sought-after carpets.

Example: “Darling please, take your shoes off before you scuff the Shindand”

Tack strip

The tack strips are the runners of wood or metal that keep a carpet fixed to the floor. The tack strip contains a series of sharp nails that point upwards to grip the underside of a carpet. This acts to keep the carpet taught and to stop it bubbling up, it also keeps the edge of the carpet flush with the wall for a neat look.

Example: “You’re about as reliable as a carpet without a tack strip”

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