Instant makeover: How to transform your home with blinds & curtains

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Tune into any interior design or home renovation show, and you’ll notice just how big a part window coverings play in the overall look and feel of the home.

These days, window coverings are far more just than a functional accessory. Yes, they’re terrific for privacy, light control and keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter. But they’re also a designer’s dream, because they’re such an easy, affordable way to transform any room from woeful to wow.

Of course, with so many options on the market, choosing which blinds or curtains are the perfect match for your home can be a little daunting.

As Australia’s largest blinds retailer, Carpet Court offers the very best one-stop shopping and all the inside tricks on how to choose the style you need from interior design guru and Carpet Court ambassador, Darren Palmer.

His advice? Privacy and controlling the level of light are two of the most important practical considerations you should take note of. In the bedroom, you should look for blinds that block out light, such as roller blinds or roman blinds. The beauty of these is that you can pair them with curtains for an elegantly layered and luxurious bedroom look.

In areas where you need more light, such as the bathroom and kitchen, look for light filtering window treatments such as venetian blinds, sheer curtains or translucent roller blinds.

And for living and dining areas, the sky’s the limit.

What’s in the windows of Australia’s largest blinds retailer?

Blinds Roller Veneitan vertical interior tips

Carpet Court can dress any window with custom-made blinds and curtains that give you the freedom to choose the style, design and colour you want and get it expertly measured to fit. So let’s take a peek through their window to see the ins and outs of blinds and curtains.

Roller Blinds

Hugely versatile and flexible, roller blinds sit flush to the window, giving any room a clean, modern aesthetic. Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, you can let loose with your creative style when choosing a design and type of roller blind.

  • Blockout Roller Blinds are perfect for bedrooms or home cinemas.
  • Translucent Roller Blinds are great for living areas as they reduce heat and light, while offering privacy and protecting furniture from fading.
  • Sheer Roller Blinds reduce heat and light while offering a limited view through the blind.

Venetian Blinds

Low maintenance and classically elegant, venetian blinds are always a popular choice. Close the slats for complete privacy – great for bedrooms and bathrooms – or angle the blades to control the light.

Vertical Blinds

Also known as track blinds, vertical blinds are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. Their sheer height makes tall windows look very elegant and sophisticated, and you can choose from a variety of fabrics and materials to complement your décor.

Roman Blinds

If you love luxury and elegance, roman blinds are the perfect look. The layers of fabric add softness, texture and depth as well as a little touch of opulence to a room.

Plantation Shutters

Blinds-Roman-Shutter-curtains-interior-tipsPerhaps one of the most versatile window coverings, shutters give your home a very cool and contemporary feel. Ultimate light control is one of the big advantages of shutters, as you can adjust the blades to filter the exact amount of light you want in a room, or close them completely to block out all light.

Shutters are also a great option for allergy sufferers, as they are extremely easy to keep clean and dust free.


Although they’ve been around for some time, new look curtains are making a huge comeback in today’s homes. Designers love them for their timeless elegance and infinite choice of fabrics, colour and finishes. From the tailored, formal look of box pleated and block out curtains to the casual style of eyelet and sheer curtains, these classic window dressings bring softness to modern décor.

How to hang curtains

Whether you want to achieve a formal or informal look, the length of the curtains make a big difference to the look and feel of a room. Curtains that are longer than the window will pool on the ground, called "puddling". When done properly, this creates a formal and grand look. But remember, this works best on medium to easy weight fabrics. If the fabric is too lightweight it will just look messy and unfinished.

If you’re after a crisp, more contemporary look, hang your curtains so they drop down to just a few centimetres above the ground.

And here’s a great design tip. If you want to make your windows look larger, hang your curtains high above the window to create the illusion of height.

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How to transform your home with blinds & curtains

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