Dos & Don'ts of Renovating

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Undertaking a renovation can be overwhelming and practical matters can easily slip your mind. To help, we have constructed a few tips to help you guys keep on track during the process!

Here are a few key things NOT to do during your renovation process to ensure a smooth & positive journey.


1. DON’T Cut cornersreno-tips_1

Budget responsibly and be realistic with your costs, as reno spends typically increase by around 20% on the original estimate. The most crucial factors within your price range may not be the most obvious, so know your limits! The last thing you want is to have to miss out on your preferred flooring options because you upgraded to a fancier doorknob, so be aware of what will add value to your home in the long run.

2. Don’t wait on decisions

Settle your plans ahead of time, because delaying on decisions will inevitably result in further rescheduling and prolonged work. The best way to avoid this potential hazard is to make as many decisions as possible before the work even begins. And we ereno-tips_2ven mean sweating the small stuff, because things like kick boards and faucet choices could be the factors that end up holding back your renovation process.

3. Don’t ignore existing features

You really shouldn’t go into a project with your mind set on changing absolutely everything, because you might miss some fundamental design features. There could be original hardwood floors or classic wall fixtures in your home that could easily be restored, so never assume that old means outdated. Be open to the building’s heritage and incorporate salvaged treasures within your home.

4. Don’t stop a project mid-wayreno-tips_3

Your design ideas will be in full force, so remember to follow through when taking on each project. It can be overwhelming when new possibilities come to mind or you lose momentum on a task due to unexpected problems, but this is just part of the process and no reason to put the brakes on your renovation altogether. Remember why you started and see your project through to the end.

5. Don’t forget maintenance

As your DIY space becomes more chaotic, basic maintenance may be ignored. While the hammers are pounding and old fittings are being removed, remember to keep your space clean so it doesn’t interfere with your working process. Also, be sure to have someone check wires and plumbing necessities, because once everything is plastered and painted, having to start all over again because of issues that could have been reno-tips_5pinpointed at the outset can be extremely disheartening.

Now you know what not to do, here comes the fun part – our easy to follow list of Reno Dos!


1. Measure Everything

Measuring should be an ingrained part of your whole renovation process, assuring that your work progresses in the right direction, by reducing time and helping you stay within budget. So don’t skip on numbers and be completely accurate with your floor plans, elevations, door sizes and stairwells for total peace of mind.

2. Map Out your Designreno-tips_6

Knowing your floor plan is essential in creating a successful space. For each room, sketch the furniture design and placement, adding in measurements and colours so you know what works. To understand your pre-renovated space further, you can even physically map out each corner of the room, by putting down objects which mimic their sizes to get an idea of how much space you have left for future furnishings.

3. Create Space

Open floor plans are a great option to make your living space appear larger, brighter and more inviting, thanks to the natural flow of light that flows through the rooms. Keep in mind that maintaining design continuity is a must with open plan spaces and essential reno-tips_9to tie each of the rooms together aesthetically. One easy way to achieve this is by running the same flooring through your entire open plan area

4. Communicate

Emotions run high during a renovation, especially when you’re the one in control of the project! Set time aside time to communicate and build relationships with your team. Whether it be your partner or your plumber, make sure you understand each other in terms of what you each aspire to on the project. By making sure you’re all on the same wavelength, it leaves little room for misunderstandings and flared tempers.

5. Paint reno-tips_10

An easy win in keeping your reno budget on track is to paint the walls yourself. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen up a space, painting allows you to change colours as you desire, fix up the wear and tear on doors and window, and retouch fences, brick walls or outdoor pieces to ensure your home looks just as good outside as it does inside.

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