Stylish outdoor design themes in time for summer

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Japanese garden design

Japanese design style provides a unique balance of natural material, tranquil setting, detailed finesse and modern elegance. The art of Japanese gardening ranges from zen gardens, with smooth silky sand raked around rock islands, to still, serene water features reflecting the rich, wild flora. For a quiet, calm and crisp outdoor area to cool down the intensity of your summer, go for clean wooden canopies and light ferns to create areas of relaxing escape from the summer sun.


Vintage backyards

Creating a hipster paradise in your yard might be something that comes easily to you. But even if it doesn't, you should know that it's all about being creative with the things you have to hand; recycling your old bits and bobs and thinking outside the box. A real vintage yard should be one that happens naturally overtime, but you can make a start by making plant pots out of old furniture and planting wild flowers and greenery in random places. Let things age naturally outside, let them rust and grow wild and you'll be halfway there.


Modern patio

If you've got a pretty nice outdoor area already, the chances are that you've gone for a modern look. But modern design still requires being kept new and fresh. This doesn't have to be too much work though. Upgrading your garden furniture can be enough. Now summer's here you can take the inside out and get some comfy seating out in the yard, ready for having friends over. Cushions, beanbags and rugs can work just as well out on the patio and around the pool as they can in the lounge.


Natural retreat in your backyard

Summer is heating up already and sometimes the worst place you can be is stuck out in the yard at midday. So when the summer is as much about keeping cool as it is about catching rays, making yourself a little hideaway in the garden is a pretty good idea. It can take some work, and a whole lot of time, but letting your yard mature into an area overflowing with greenery can be the best and most relaxing way to stay cool. Creating a natural canopy overhead, from large shrubs and trees, will keep the sun off your patio. And adding a trickling water feature will enhance that secret garden atmosphere you're looking for.


Urban jungle design

Sometimes we just don't have the space or the time to have the perfect outside area. But that's okay, because fast paced, city living conjures up a style of it's very own. The sleek modern terraces that make up some of the only private outdoor spaces in urban areas may be small, but that just presents designers with a challenge to come up with compact and useful features. Foldaway furniture and outdoor lighting is a must, but don't forget some foliage too. Your view might not be the same as from the penthouse, but framing it with some natural greenery is going to make your little piece of outside an urban paradise.

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