What is the Value in Creating a Beautiful Space?

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I’ve been reading this amazing book recently called Playing Big by Tara Mohr.

It’s just an outstanding, inspiring book about playing big in any form of life. It is  women-focused, however the things I learned in this book, could translate across to absolutely any walk of life, any gender and any age.

One of the most inspiring things that she brought up in the book, which I guess has triggered my thoughts today… she brought up in there about people’s “callings” and about how a lot of the time people have callings that they don’t follow and they don’t feel are valid to be called a calling.

She talked about the fact that many of us think to have a calling, it has to be saving the children in Africa, working with refugees, empowering women, protecting women against domestic violence. These are all amazing and valid callings and without people working on those things in the world, we would be in a really bad place.

They are amazing. They are amazing callings.

But, she brought up the really interesting point that so many of us feel that if what we feel is our calling, that if our need to do something in an interest or a hobby or a profession or a campaign that we’re attracted to is around something that involves creating beauty, that we often don’t feel that it’s worthy to be called a calling.

Which I thought was a really, really interesting way to look at it. I was reflecting upon my work as a result of this chapter in the book.

She was talking about how women that feel that their calling is to create amazing baby clothes — beautiful, beautiful organic baby clothes — they don’t feel that that is a calling because it’s not saving the children in Africa.

However, there is so much validity and so much pexels-photo-105480_LRto be said for creating things that have beauty.

I had to think about how this applies to the workspace.

I was really interested to see whether I could see any correlation between what Tara Mohr was talking about and what I experience when working with people to create amazing work spaces for themselves to apply space medicine.

It was really, really interesting when I talked to a few business women about it.

Their mindset previously, and still to some extent, is that if their role or their profession or their business isn’t about beauty or interior design or creating something that is gorgeous, the don’t see the value or the immediate worth pexel-photo-writing-notes-idea-conference_LRor the immediate translation in their business in creating a beautiful space for them to be in.

I decided to do some research around this and I found some amazing statistics.

There’s this huge study done internationally that showed that people that work in a space that nurtures them and helps them focus and is beautiful and inspiring actually has a measurable impact on their creativity, on their productivity and their overall well-being.

The statistics are around 17% increase in creativity,
17% increase in well-being and a 6% increase
in productivity, which is actually measurable.pexels-photo-300001_LR

If I tie this all the way back to Tara and what I was thinking with her, it’s that she’s right.

There is worth and there is value in creating beauty in whatever job you’re in.

Whether it’s a beautiful space for you to be in when you’re creating, whether it’s a beautiful space for you to contribute to your calling or if your calling involves creating beauty or creating inspiration, then you know what?


Because your calling involves creativity, beauty or inspiration, it does not make it a lesser calling.

Similarly, because your job may not be, or your career or your professionpexels-photo-244133_LR or your niche may not be, in creating beauty or inspiration, it does not mean that your space shouldn’t be beautiful and shouldn’t inspire you.

Because the numbers are there gods…. A creative beautiful and inspiring space, a space that prescribes space medicine to you on a daily basis, will affect not only your bottom line, not only the quality of your product, but it will also affect your productivity.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll be back with some more stuff next week on creating beautiful spaces and thriving in your spaces.


By Naomi Findlay

Rapid Renovation Expert


Naomi is Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert and works with people around the country helping them create wealth and freedom using her Rapid Renovation Formula. Not only that…..Dr Naomi Findlay PhD is a nationally renowned expert on making money from property, Naomi creates beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces for you to focus and thrive in.  As well as helping you leverage your property when selling, renting or holding it. Naomi is also internationally renowned speaker and thought leader renovation.


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