What your carpet colour says about you

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Preparing to buy a new carpet? Struggling to distinguish your coffees from your caramels? It's no mean feat picking the right colour for your saxony twist. If you're fed up with all those boring earthy variations on beige you might want to consider a more vibrant alternative. Picking the right colour is as much about personality as it is about design. So it's good to know what your choices say about you!

What your carpet colour says about you


If you're not a movie star finding yourself on a red carpet might be a bit of a surprise. When the scarlet rug isn't being laid out for celebrities or royalty it's often quite unusual to see a red carpet in someone's home. That's probably because red can be such an intense colour. We associate red with danger or alarm, it's probably as far as you can get from neutral calming tones! We "see red" when we're angry and blood red is a colour of the heart and a colour of passion. Saying that the psychologists say that if you're an admirer of red you're probably more of an active person, someone who likes to raise the bar, an extrovert maybe.

Red is a useful colour for decorating; a neutral or white room can be lifted with a splash of colour and red is a great choice for making things more vibrant without compromising on taste. So a red rug can be a classy choice. But reds are more versatile than that. Darker reds create a great autumnal feel that can complement a room more softly.


Not so mellow yellow is a happy colour. You might be called yellow-bellied for opting for a pale canary yellow, or you might be a bit bolder with a bright egg yellow. Either way yellow is a very creative colour. The psychologists might tell you that yellow is associated with a friendly person who values individuality and stands out. A yellow lover is inventive and inspiring and can therefore probably handle this difficult colour when it comes to interior design. Yellows don't often go well with off-whites, but they do offer a good way to create a warm and cosy room. While it's harder to imagine a bright yellow carpet fitting with a room, like red, the autumnal variations of yellow can offer some good options. Accessorising with a yellow rug is a great way to lighten up a dull room


We like a bit of green. The colour of environmentalism but also one of the brightest colours that you'd still call natural. And natural is great when it comes to interior design. Green is associated with naivety, but it's unlikely you'd be considered naive to go for a green carpet. It's much more likely that you're a person who likes to feel safe, or a lover of the outside world. Dark greens can be an excellent choice for a carpet, especially where foot fall is heavy and lighter colours just won't last. Greens go well with other greens too, especially the more natural shades and green-browns, so you shouldn't be too worried about mixing green carpets with light wooden furniture. Green is one of the most versatile colours, so you can try a lot of things out!


Feeling blue? It's a bit of a cliche really. While blue is the colour we associate with being down it's actually a fantastic, lively colour that looks great in the home. Of all the primary colours it probably lends itself best to flooring if you are looking for an alternative to greys and browns without going too over the top. Blue is the colour of the sky and the colour of the ocean and it's actually a colour associated with peace and calm more than any other. Blue's links with the sea make it look great in a bathroom or a toilet but lighter blues can look great in larger rooms too. Of all the more energetic colours on this list, blue is the one that has the most serious opportunities for great design, the depths and variations of the colour make it a designer's dream for a clean, modern and stylish approach to colour schemes, even in the living room. Blues are great to add space and light without being overwhelming and, as a result, are always a serious option.


Purple is a rich royal colour. But, much like blue, it can offer some seriously good options for interior designers. It goes great with off-whites, especially if you want to go for a luxurious look in a bedroom or a bathroom. In fact the intense richness of purple is great for bringing in a room to make it feel more cosy. That richness is also great for rugs and is a very classy way to break up lots of light floor space, like dark greens, it is great for disguising areas with heavy footfall! Purple is not just a colour of decadence though, it also moves through a great range of softer options; lavender can be a bright and airy option that can lift a room, perhaps if you feel that your blues are a little cold.

So you don't have to write off the brighter shades. Design isn't just about harmony, it's about making distinctions too; cutting a room up with stylish lines and eye-catching contrast. And while you don't have to go with a stark coloured carpet, you should still have a think about all the shades in between and what they might say about you.

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