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Why choose Regal Oak Handcrafted timber flooring?

The natural warmth and beauty of a hardwood timber floor is timeless and will add character, a sense of space and value to your home for decades to come, as well as being a sought-after item for many new home buyers. As well as being great value and beautiful, Regal Oak Handcrafted timber floors are also easy to maintain, hygienic and ideal for many areas around the home from living spaces to hallways and bedrooms.

What types of timber flooring are available?

Classic Hardwood Regal Oak Handcrafted Timber FloorsDepending on your budget, you can add the style and look of wood flooring to your home with a range of products starting from laminate right up to solid wood flooring. In-between, you can find engineered timber flooring, which is made up of cleverly constructed core boards that are effectively layers and layers of ply that are bonded together. Those boards are then topped off with a top layer of solid wood, which is what makes engineered wood flooring look just like solid wood.

Is the Regal Oak Handcrafted range from Carpet Court a good choice?

Regal Oak Handcrafted flooring has a distressed matte finish and rounded edges, which gives it a rustic style. Its distressed style is perfect for helping to hide everyday wear, keeping your floor looking stylish for years to come. The 14mm thick boards are cleverly made to click together for a smooth finish that makes a great surface and requires no nails or screws to keep it in place and can be walked on the same day that it is installed.

Which colours are featured in the range?

The collection features five colours including Dover, Astor, Doulton, Windsor and Tudor, which span the palette from pale to dark. The stunning colours are smoked rather than stained to provide consistent colour all the way through the hardwood timber surface. Varieties in colour, texture and naturally occurring features such as knots give it its specific appeal and a Wearguard coating protects your floor to keep it looking its best.

How is the flooring constructed?

Engineered timber flooring is made up of several layers, starting with a bottom balancing layer, followed by a Hevea core (made from rubberwood) which runs in the opposite direction to the bottom layer and the hardwood top for greater stability. The timber top gives the floor its unique look, depending on the species of wood selected. Finally, a hardy 7-coat polyurethane finish protects your floor from everyday wear and tear. A click system allows the boards to be snapped together for fast installation without the need for nails or screws.

How should I maintain my flooring?

Timber floors are easy to keep looking good providing you treat them with a little care and consideration. Dust and grit can damage the surface of your floor and affect its appearance, so dust or sweep your floors regularly. Never use abrasive cleaners or chemicals on wooden floors, and keep the amount of water needed to a minimum – damp rather than wet is advisable. Heavy furniture can damage your timber flooring so take care when moving heavy items and consider felt covers for chair, sofa and table legs or place rugs strategically in your rooms. Direct sunlight can change the colour of timber flooring, which means that it is advisable to have blinds or curtains closed during periods of strong sunlight.

Are Regal Oak Handcrafted floor coverings covered by warranty?

Yes, all Carpet Court floor coverings are covered by warranties. Each warranty is different and will depend on the manufacturer and the type of flooring in question, so it makes sense to study your warranty carefully to make sure you know what is and is not covered. You will find your warranty listed on the website, and our teams in store will always be happy to give you good and honest advice about the suitability of different floors depending on your lifestyle, the level of foot traffic in your home and other issues that could affect your choice of flooring.

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