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Bedroom Flooring Guide

While there are many stylish options for bedroom flooring, the rules remain the same. bedroom flooring must be comfortable, durable, easy clean, allergy free and stylish. Here you'll find great inspirational sources for quirky bedroom design ideas.


Bedroom Flooring Guide

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Bedroom Flooring Guide

10 Quirky Bedroom Features To Make It Your Own


Here's the deal:


1. Make a chair out of anything

Old tyres, suitcases, skateboards, chunks of wood, stacked cushions, books or even other old chairs other old chairs. Anything that can take your weight goes. And it's the perfect way to add a bit of character to your bedroom. There are some great ideas. 


2. Make your own throw

A patchwork throw from old material might test your sewing skills a little, quilting it a little more so, and if you're feeling bold you could even go so far as to knit your own. Even the most novice craft enthusiasts could try making your own fabric by using dying techniques on an old sheet. From tie-dye to batik there're so many creative ways to make a completely original throw for your bed.


3. Reupholster

Soft furnishings can be pretty bland or fail to keep up to speed with your cutting edge bedroom. Reupholstering gives you the opportunity to make something completely unique from the furniture you already have. It can be tricky at first, but there are some great tutorials online and, at the end of the day, all you need is a staple gun and some funky material.


4. Make a rag rug

Get rid of your old clothes at the same time as giving your room a brand new and completely unique stylish feature. A rag rug is not only a genuinely trendy option to add texture to your room but it's also a fun craft to try your hand at. Above all it's completely versatile, so while it's sometimes hard to find the right colours for your room, you're completely free to make it look how you want. Here's how.


That's not all...


5. Get a canopy bed

interior ideas tips bedroom features

A canopy bed, or a four poster, is the ultimate way to get your room looking amazing and original. It doesn't have to be too audacious either. While going all out on a wooden four poster can cost a bomb, metal framed beds are much cheaper and canopies fixed to the ceiling or back wall can be better still. Not only will it make your room look super classy, but it will also create an ambience that you might otherwise find in an upmarket hotel. There are some great examples.


6. Go all out with a theme

Having a theme can be a pretty bold move. While we often opt for a theme for our kid's rooms (whether that be a fairy princess theme, a racing driver theme or a Harry Potter theme) we often try to avoid anything too cheesy for our more mature designs. But themes don't have to be cheesy, they can be subtle ways to draw together the various features of your room, and make your space feel completely unique at the same time. Think nautical, forest, space or Victorian and keep things classy.


7. Put a bath in your bedroom

Yes, you heard that right, having a bath in your bedroom might seem like a unique and original idea but it's actually a quirky feature with historical precedent. Think old French chateaus with gorgeous free-standing roll-top baths. It's decadent, and could be quite costly, but with a shag pile rug and ornate brass taps you'll end up with an unrivalled design.


8. Bunk beds for adults

Bunk beds in a kids room is pretty standard, but in your own bedroom it can be a quirky and space saving idea that will make you the envy of all your friends. Modern living calls out for more intelligent use of space, and splitting levels in a room can achieve just that. Getting an extra floor for your bed is one way, but a bunk bed can have the same effect without needing to pay for some serious structural changes.

The internet is full of awe inspiring bunk bed options, most of which push the limits of the imagination. 


9. Green fingers and toes

Plants bring life to any room. But in a bedroom you can really go to town with the flora by bringing in much bigger plants which, in turn, form the basis of your room design. The natural colours can help create a relaxed, soothing space and, let's face it, it's a pretty unusual way to make your room look cool. This links in with a lot of other quirky design ideas too; having a tree-house themed bunk bed for instance. After all, the bedroom is the place where your imagination should be able to run wild. interior ideas tips bedroom features


10. Stretch the budget with a sky light

Probably the ultimate and most desirable bedroom feature would be a wide open sky light right above where you sleep. Falling to sleep while staring up at the stars can be rather pricey if you want to do it from the luxury of your own home, but if you're lucky enough to have an attic bedroom it might not be too crazy an idea, and surely well worth a bit of structural work to get.

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