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Bathroom Flooring Guide

While there are many stylish options for bathroom flooring, the rules remain the same. Bathroom flooring must be water-resistant, durable, easy clean and have a non-slip surface. Here you'll find great tips on how to choose the right bathroom flooring.


Bathroom Flooring Guide

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Bathroom Flooring Guide

5 Budget bathroom tips

Bathrooms can be pretty expensive. When you think about it, most of the things you need to incorporate into a design are imperative: While you can substitute a bath for a shower these can be even more expensive, then with a toilet, sink, taps, and all the tiles and plumbing, you're facing a bill that is only rivalled by a fully fitted kitchen. Because of this it's important to budget as best as you can. Set yourself a maximum and stick to it, and maybe keep some extra to the side for the finishing touches that you always forget about in the planning stages.

A lot of the budget concerns with bathrooms are going to be down to how "high-end" you want your fixtures and fittings. A budget bathroom essentially means getting cheaper materials, cheaper sinks and cheaper tiles. But if you just can't deny yourselves the most stylish suites you will have to make savings elsewhere. We've compiled a few tips to help you consider where you can snip away at some of the excessive prices...

1. Lists

Making lists for anything is usually a good way to help you stick to a plan. When making a list of things you'll need for your new bathroom try to separate the things you absolutely need from the things that you just want to have. That way you won't find that you've forgotten to budget for something really important like a light fitting! It also means that you can separate the "wants" as things you can compromise on if it turns out your budget won't stretch far enough. Be brutally honest with yourself too: you might have always dreamt of having a bidet or a freestanding bath, but if it means you'd be stretched just to fit in a toilet you really can't count it as a "need"!

2. Labour

One of the biggest costs of installing a bathroom is the need to get professionals in to do a lot of the work. At the end of the day even the most experienced amateur DIYer is probably going to have to draw the line at serious behind-the-wall plumbing, and it is strongly advised that professionals handle all of the technical work for obvious safety reasons. But that doesn't mean you have to rely on a pricey plumber to sort out all of the aesthetics. Most labourers will include the hours to "make good" their work. But if you are considering making significant aesthetic changes you could have a go at tackling things like paintwork yourself. Others might feel as if tiling isn't beyond their expertise and fancy giving it a go.

While using professionals is a necessity for most (and is strongly advised by us!), it is worth considering exactly what you want your labourers to do so that you can ensure you aren't paying over the odds for a few simple things that you could get done yourself.

3. Reclaims

Budget bathrooms can end up feeling quite tacky if you've compromised for very cheap materials. Sometimes though, this is just a necessity. If, however, your bathroom design allows for some more eclectic styles, you might want to nip down your local reclaim yard or scrap yard and see what they have. Of course you don’t have to go all out on scrapped Victorian porcelain sinks, but a lot of ancillary features might be lying around and could save the pricey add-on costs from your bathroom designer.

From old timber chests for storing towels, to simple wooden towel racks, handrails, soap trays, mirrors or even light fittings, you never know what you might find. Unique items like cast iron toilet brushes or just aesthetic decorations can really raise the stylishness of your bathroom and can come cheap enough to help you justify the more costly big items in your bathroom.

4. Budget bathroom storage

Think outside the box when trying to source bathroom boxes. You've probably noticed that there's not much difference between storage items in your local home store, such items are very similar regardless of whether they are for bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens. If you think about it, an old bed-side table can make the perfect storage cabinet in your bathroom. Reclaimed crates and wooden boxes are perfect for keeping your towels in and using old shelving units from other rooms can save having to shell out for brand new items when you go for your full bathroom quote. You could even use an old cutlery tray to store all of your loose bathroom items and keep the clutter all in one place. Make a list of bits and pieces that you think you can source elsewhere to save yourself from being persuaded to add extra items on to your quote by the bathroom salesman.

To save on storage you should also think about the units that you are getting for your bathroom. A lot of people like the look of a standalone sink, but if your pushing for space it might be worth getting one with storage space underneath, to save having to purchase additional shelving.

5. Materials

Budget Bathroom Stylish Designs Tips

Going budget with a bathroom is often about substituting luxury materials for budget ones. This can be disappointing if you have your heart set on the highest quality fixtures. But you don't always need to go for cheaper options; you can always just have a think about how you use what you've got.

So, for instance, if you've got your heart set on a stunning set of handmade tiles, you could just consider using them as splash protection around the bath or sink and getting a matching paint for the rest of your wall space. This has the added bonus of drawing attention to the tiles that you like so much. In fact paint is generally a much cheaper alternative for your walls, if you think that's just too boring you could even try stencilling to add an extra layer of design to your room.

Flooring can be really expensive too. But rather than assuming those expensive stone tiles are the only option for getting the rustic look you've always wanted, you might want to have a look at what's already below the surface. Stripping the floor back to the original floorboards could be an option for this, although, of course, you'll want to make sure that the surface is properly treated and, most of all, safe.
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