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Bedroom Flooring Guide

While there are many stylish options for bedroom flooring, the rules remain the same. Bedroom flooring must be comfortable, durable, easy to clean, allergy free and stylish. Here you'll find great tips on how to choose the right bedroom flooring.


Bedroom Flooring Guide

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Bedroom Flooring Guide

5 Budget Bedroom Tips

Bedroom redesigns can be so simple that you shouldn't be worrying too much about breaking the bank when taking on a new project. The main reason for this is that you rarely need to overhaul the whole room to give it a completely new look.

There are hundreds of simple and affordable things you can do to replace, remodel or reorder at very little cost. We've picked five of those ideas that, while easy and cheap, can have the effect of fundamentally changing the look of your bedroom in one go.


Here's the deal:


1. Throw out or pack up

One of easiest ways to give any tired room a fresh sharp look is to get rid of all the clutter. Removing the busy-ness, or at least covering it up, can give your room new crisp lines that you didn't notice before and help emphasise the features that you want to stand out.

Budget Bedroom Designs Tips De-cluttering is, of course, free and is achieved in two simple ways: by throwing out or packing up. Parting with some of your much-loved garments can be difficult. But if some of your clothes have been taking up closet space without being used for over a year it's probably time to say goodbye. And you don't have to put it all in a bin anyway; there's money to be made selling on your old threads on the internet.

If you can't bear to see all of your bits and bobs go, considering your storage options is another cheap and easy way to clear out your bedroom and get it to look the way you want. For starters, if you can't see the storage it doesn't really need to be pretty, so under-bed storage always has to be the first stop. It's amazing how much you can fit under there if you pack everything away neatly into free fruit boxes from your local supermarket. Second, there's those handy spaces at the back of your wardrobe, on top of it, or even behind your doors. Seasonal clothes can be vacuum packed to minimise the space they take up even more, then stored under the bed or in the loft, out of the way, until they're needed again.


2. Change the whole bedroom look with just a few new sheets

Bedrooms are so simple to design that there's very little that can go wrong. This simplicity also means that you barely have to open your wallet to transform the whole look. The central feature of a bedroom is of course the bed, so changing the look or style here can make the whole room look completely different. That's why simply buying a new duvet set, with a different colour or pattern can often be enough to act as a redesign. If you've kept your bedroom in neutral tones you can go for any sort of design you want and then mix it up.

If you want to go for something more dramatic, you can change any upholstery in your room on an equally low budget: Simple curtains can be very cheap to buy, or your existing ones can be re-dyed to change your bedroom colour scheme. Similarly, cushions can be changed at minimal costs and a simple throw for your bed can add textures and lines.

This is not only cheap but it's also the easiest way to turn a simple bedroom into a show-off guest room where stylish or quality bedspreads and throw cushions alone are a clear sign of luxury.


3. Feature wall at the bed

Feature Wall Bedroom Design Tips

We're told time and time again that you can transform a room with a feature wall. Budding designers on The Block and House Rules consistently prove that, even when faced with the tightest of budgets, a feature wall is a prime option for changing the whole design dynamic. Feature walls affect the size and space of a room as well as drawing attention to specific features. They also break up a room, simplifying it and creating a whole new aesthetic.

In a bedroom it's quite obvious where the feature wall needs to be. The clue is in the name, and the primary feature of the bedroom is also one of the most versatile features to stylise. Whether you go for a block of colour or for a lavish stencil effect, the wall behind your bed will accentuate the bed, giving you an almost shrine like feel for the cost of a small pot of paint.


4. Dim the lights

Lighting features in the bedroom are a must. Whether you're creating a boudoir feel, reading in bed or getting ready for a night out you're going to need to have suitable lighting. Thinking about the way you do this in order to complement the design of the room isn't too difficult and lighting can be cheap too.

Step one should always be to install a dimmer switch. You might need to get an expert electrician in to do this, which isn't necessarily that cheap, but the effect can transform a room in one fell swoop.

When it comes to other forms of mood lighting the cheap options are often the most stylish: From fairy lights around a mirror, to simple candles on the chest of draws, even the tiniest lights will fill a room with ambience.


5. Get creative

More than any other room in the house, the bedroom is a blank canvas for your creativity to blossom. It's the one place where all your experimental art ideas can go without offending anyone, letting you try out styles to see what fits. Adding a home-made canvas on that feature wall behind the bed can be a start but there's way more that can be done to keep the flares and trims of your designs as cheap as possible. Why not, for instance, make your own cushion covers? Get tie-dying, batiking and dip-dying cottons to give your colour scheme a more vibrant feel. Then there's stenciling to try out next, whether you're making your own lampshades or restyling your old curtains, simple stencil work is a DIY design idea that doesn't need to cost you a penny. Creativity can be hit or miss, but you shouldn't worry about taking a gamble or two when redesigning your bedroom. After all, it's the one place where your personal tastes count most of all.

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