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Dining Room Flooring Guide

Consider your lifestyle when choosing dining room flooring. With young children, look for stain resistance and durability. Or choose luxury flooring to create a formal dining space. Here you’ll find great tips on finding the perfect dining room.


Dining Room Flooring Guide

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Dining Room Flooring Guide

5 Budget dining room tips

Your dining room is a perfect design opportunity just waiting for a new experimental look. But once you’ve paid to get your kitchen and bathroom in good, shiny nick, you might only have the dregs of your budget left to play with. Worry not, we’ve put together a few simple and affordable ways to get the most out of your dining space without breaking the bank.designs ideas dining room renovation

1. Upcycle your way to design brilliance

Anyone with a Pinterest account will know that upcycling isn’t just a great money saving idea; it’s a veritable design trend of its very own. Everything is being upcycled in all the more elaborate ways and the concept of upcycling is a budget tip to rule over all budget tips.

So cool is the trend for upcycling that it’s become a new line of branding for what we would otherwise call “repurposing”. Design companies are creating beautiful furniture out of old materials and selling them on for hugely marked-up prices. Their furniture may be expensive, but their ideas are free for you to try yourself. Using an old wooden door as the surface of a table is a great idea if you want to try out some your carpentry skills. Similarly old reclaimed school chairs and desks can look really stylish once they are cleaned up and varnished. Old office furniture like bureaus and shelving units can be sanded down or reshaped into serving tables and sideboards.

Upcycling also works for the small stuff too, there are a plethora of blogs out there with some imaginative and stylish ideas to decorate your rooms, many of which would look great in a dining room. A quick search and you can dig out some designs for turning picture frames into serving trays, six-pack boxes into condiment carriers and even light bulbs into candles

2. Stencil some life into your old furniture

interior tips dining room renovation

The upcycling idea is a way of turning everyday, often useless old objects, into things that are useful. We've all been doing this for years really, we just haven't had a trendy buzzword for it until now. We've also been updating the still useful things we have to make them look even better, to keep tired furniture stylish or to cover up damage. So if you already have a sturdy dining room table, but it doesn't fit in with your new design aesthetic, you don't have to shell out for a new piece - just get your creative juices flowing.

Take that old, chipped pine side-table. Underneath the plastic-like orange varnish there's some lovely light wood just waiting to see the light of day. By sanding it down you can smooth out all the chips and marks and bring the whole item back to life. Not content with the exposed grain? Stencils might be for you: Cheap and easy to make, you can decorate your furniture with paints, sprays or careful sanding. You'll want to read up on exactly how to do this first of course, and there are a whole host of safety considerations for the materials and products you'll need to use, but there are a lot of great websites out there dedicated to this beautiful and unique craft. So have a look and find redesign your old furniture into new (see for more information).

3. Expand your horizon with some well placed mirrors

interior ideas dining room renovation

If your dining room happens to be small there's a lot of things you can do with light or colour to improve things, but going for a full on redesign might just not be an option. The cheapest and most effective way to make your room look and feel bigger is with mirrors. It's that obvious, age-old trick of making a space look as if it goes further back than it does. And mirrors don't just add that extra horizon, they reflect the light too which will make your room feel even bigger and more open.

If you factor in our upcycling trick too, there are loads of ways you can make your own mirrors with everyday objects and really show off your design credentials on a budget: Scan a few of the online upcycling blogs and you'll find mirrors made out of tennis rackets (Craft Hunter), mirrors from old clocks (Architecture Of A Mom), even a mirror from an old suitcase (Apartment Therapy). Anything is possible.

4. Maximise your headcount with a reclaimed bench

designs tips dining room renovation budget

Getting a brand new set of chairs for your dining room is going to be pricy, not to mention take up a lot of space in a multipurpose room. An ideal way to get round this is by not going for chairs at all: Benches may well be a no go if you're planning on high-class dinner parties round a table, but if your dining room is aimed at getting a few friends round a table then benches can be perfect. Plus, if you have four chairs you can only host four people, but if you have two benches you can host two, four, six, maybe even eight around a table. Squeezing more people in just helps break the ice and gets people talking.

Benches are great for fun, friendly finger food, BBQs, casual dining or any occasion where you want your guests to relax and get along. They also store away nicely, flat up against a wall, if you want to use your dining room space for other purposes. And, of course, you can source benches really easy for cheap, most reclaim yards probably have a few options made from good solid wood. If you're feeling really adventurous, making your own bench out of reclaimed wood isn't all that difficult if you have the right tools.

5. Sum up a simple room with an elegant centre piece

stylish tips ideas dining room renovation

The best way to keep to budget with a dining room is simply to do as little as possible. It's the people that make a dinner party special, the food maybe helps too, but the setting really won't change the company! If you keep your space simple you can go to town on a few individual features which will provide great dinner-time talking points and let you show off your eye for design.

One great way to do this is with an elegant centre piece, and where better to look for something which looks great but comes at a low cost than the outside world. The plants in your garden are free to use to create fresh and varied centrepieces for your table. By incorporating with candles you can create a nice ambience without having to overspend on expensive frills and ornaments.

Combining your centrepiece by reusing old terracotta pots or some weathered driftwood is also a nice way to add texture. Or try creating candle sticks from old wine bottles like in stylish Italian restaurants. Put your craft hat on and see what you can come up with to impress your dinner guests without breaking your budget.

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