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Bathroom Flooring Guide

While there are many stylish options for bathroom flooring, the rules remain the same. Bathroom flooring must be water-resistant, durable, easy clean and have a non-slip surface. Here you'll find great inspirational sources for bathroom design ideas.


Bathroom Flooring Guide

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Bathroom Flooring Guide

5 Inspirational sources for bathroom design ideas

Nothing helps more with coming up with a design for your bathroom than looking out for existing ideas that appeal to you. The wise designer will go about collecting cut-outs of features, colours and styles that stand out to them to get a sense of what they're trying to create. Having all your ideas in one place, in maybe a scrapbook or mood-board, is also really useful for taking along to a professional bathroom designer, to show them what sort of thing you're looking for.

So if you're stuck for sources of inspiration, we've compiled a few of the most interesting bathroom design posts from around the web. See what you think:

  1. "10 Unique Bathroom Ideas to Steal" literally invites you to take this short list of inspirational ideas and use it for yourself. Although the post itself doesn't really give much away in terms of content, the pictures of beautifully considered bathroom designs are exemplars of vintage style and demonstrate that bathrooms don't simply have to be a collection of white porcelain fixtures and colour splashes. It's this sort of thing that helps to get you thinking outside the box and shows you that simple injections of unusual personality can go a long way.

    Inspirational Sources For Bathroom Design Ideas
  2. Elle Magazine hosts some great decor ideas that suit that kitsch fashionista down to a tea. Their article on unique bathrooms is a chance to get an idea of what really counts for cutting edge in the fashion world. While not necessarily extreme when it comes to pushing design to the limits, it really does show the amateur the level of style that can be achieved with a few very simple aesthetic choices, like colour schemes or even by using bathroom themes in a trendy way. The examples in this article of sea themed bathrooms just go to show that, when it’s done right, the common and often cheesy boating and fish accessories really can be made to look classy.

  3. Have you been hooked on the Block this year? Bathrooms on the Block are always a good place to start when you're trying to come up with your own designs. Not only do the teams work to often tight and explicit budgets but you also get to see the thought process from beginning to end. This acts as a unique window into how the teams make choices to deal with the spaces and materials available and yet still come up with some awesome designs.

  4. Popular Mechanics website looks at some of the world’s strangest bathrooms in another really great list post. These range from the world’s largest bathrooms to bathrooms in aquariums. While the post gives us some very bizarre settings for bathrooms it is also a fascinating insight to working with some of the most unique spaces. From toilets in space to toilets in the arctic you can see the versatility of the humble bathroom in the most extreme settings.

    There is also one quite unique idea on this post that we really love: The Disappearing Bathroom uses folding wooden shelves to cover the toilet, washbasin and shower tray and turn them into seating for when they are not in use. This is an ingenious space saving and visually pleasing design that would not be too difficult to recreate in an ordinary home.

  5. "Channel 4 Homes" is brought to you by a British TV channel that prides itself on purposeful, informative programming. They have a whole section dedicated to bathroom tips and advice. While far more informative than fun, the collection of tips and hints they have really does help when it comes to the first steps in bathroom design. The best thing about this site is probably that it targets a normal domestic home rather than the excessive overly elaborate designs you often see on TV. So, unlike some of the outlandish, and rather pricey ideas in some of the links above, it really is a useful way to make your bathroom suit your own unique personality.

    Bathroom Flooring Design Guides Tips Check out the “bathroom makeover” section of the site which specifically looks into how you can make the most of unique spaces, from really cramped bathrooms to wet rooms and conversions, it really is a good source of information if you don’t know where to start with designing your new bathroom.
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               5 Inspirational sources for bathroom design ideas - Darren Palmer

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