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Dining Room Flooring Guide

Consider your lifestyle when choosing dining room flooring. With young children, look for stain resistance and durability. Or choose luxury flooring to create a formal dining space. Here you’ll find great quirky design ideas on finding the perfect dining room.


Dining Room Flooring Guide

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Dining Room Flooring Guide

5 Quirky design ideas to personalise your dining room

1. Feeling bold? - Jazz up a wall with wallpaper

Having a simple room without too much going on means that you can add shocks of detail without ruining the overall aesthetic. So, while getting some interesting art up on a wall is a great place to start, going for a full patterned wallpaper is a bold statement. In a dining room this can be especially good because you don't want to overwhelm your visitors, but you do want to lift the look of the room with some well placed detail.

Quirky Design Ideas for Dining Room A great idea is to have the room painted in a neutral colour and have a single patterned wall, this is one very simple design feature that can transform the whole room, with the added bonus of making a space seem bigger. And you don't need to be conservative about your patterns either; going for a very elaborate baroque pattern or bold modern zigzags is a great way to add some character to proceedings, and get in a bit of your personality too.

Just remember - if you go busy on the walls keep it simple everywhere else.

2. Feeling even bolder? - Go all out with a theme

The sole purpose of a dining room is to eat with others; such a social occasion warrants a fun setting. And, while themes can often be a bit tacky, taking elements of a theme and incorporating them into your existing design can be a great way to raise the fun levels of a dining room.

So, for example, you don't need to go all out 50s diner; you could just use a clean white and red colour scheme, have images of Cadillacs and americana on the walls and furnish the room with a jukebox, or even a milkshake bar at the side. Or style like a grand dining hall with a classic dining suite and by furnishing the room with rich tones, wooden furniture, mirrors, candlesticks and maybe a gaudy chandelier. If you're a fan of a certain type of food, style your dining room in the same way: oriental low tables for your sushi evenings; rustic wood and burnt orange colours for your mediterranean feast; or colourful and shiny decor for your Turkish meze evening. Give your guests something to talk about!

Quirky Design Tips for Dining Room

3. Mix it up

When it comes to buying decent dining room furniture, you should start by thinking exactly what and how you want to use the room. But if you want your dining design to stand out, you'll have to get away from the standard furniture conventions and think outside the box.

One great way to add a bit of quirkiness to your dining room without losing the classy feel is to avoid going for a standard matching table and chair set. It's the one thing everyone will expect, so going a little bit different can have a lot of impact.

The main way you can do this is by sourcing second hand repurposed tables and benches, although this can often be pricey. If you are confident that you have a good eye for design then you could think about intentionally mixing and matching the chairs around a table. From a design perspective this draws attention to the differences, which, in turn, draws attention to your well-designed detail. Obviously you don't want to be mixing random chairs, but by visiting a reclaim store and picking out various unique and quality pieces, you will be showing yourself to be a resourceful and unique designer.

Quirky Design Interior Ideas for Dining Room

4. Deep-dive dining experience

If dinner parties are your thing you might want to take a few steps to tailor your dining room to hosting multiple guests on an almost professional level. By bringing in a few additional features you can turn your standard table and chair set into the full restaurant experience.

Take your lead from the restaurant pros and add some quirky details that will make your dining space look like the real deal, and probably help with the chore of serving a lot of guests at once too: Hot-plates, wine tables, serving hatches and careful lighting can all transform your humble dining room into a restaurant space. Having a sideboard in the room is a good starting point. This is a handy place to serve food from and lets you keep the table clear from clutter. It also allows you to present multiple dishes, for instance, by leaving a dessert or wine on display.

Having a circular table in the centre of a room is also good for dinner parties, it keeps all the guests equal, is great for serving and ensures that the table is very much the centre-piece of a room.

Quirky Design Interiors Tips for Dining Room

5. Dual purpose dining

If you are lucky enough to have a completely spare room in your house you might not immediately want to turn it into a dedicated dining room. After all, there may well be a lot of more useful ways to use an extra room - as a study space, for storage or a play room.

Nonetheless a great way to design a dining room is by thinking about how else the space can be used. Our favourite quirky style tip for your dining room is to adorn the walls with bookshelves - thereby turning your simple dining space into a full-on library too. This is an extremely fashionable way to impress your guests and, of course, find space for your book collection! The same might not apply to mixing your dining room with a laundry or toy closet but a stylising your dining room like a conservatory, art studio or a secondary lounge area can be part of the design and not just a by-product of a busy lifestyle.

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