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Bedroom Flooring Guide

While there are many stylish options for bedroom flooring, the rules remain the same. bedroom flooring must be comfortable, durable, easy clean, allergy free and stylish. Here you'll find style tips on how to choose the right bedroom flooring.


Bedroom Flooring Guide

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Bedroom Flooring Guide

7 Style tips for your bedroom designs

It doesn't matter how old you are, how fashionable you are or how tidy you are; your bedroom is your space to do with as you want. With all the other room style guide's we've asked you to think about what guests would think when they enter a room. But, while you might want still want to ensure your bedroom is guest friendly, it's still the one space in the house that doesn't have to cater for anyone except you.

Quirky Bedroom Style Tips So, when there's no compromising on taste, do you really need style tips to help you out when designing your own bedroom? Maybe not. But you've got to start somewhere, and with a little bit of inspiration you can transform a plain old room with a bed in it, into a space that really suits you. So for our bedroom style guide we've collected some ideas together to match your possible personality traits...


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1. The fashionista

Three words: Walk in wardrobe. Well, maybe not if you don't have the extra space, but even so there's nothing stopping you from turning your bedroom into a vintage boutique. There's one crucial use for a bedroom besides sleeping, and that's the place to store all your clothes: Think integrated wardrobes to maximise your clothes space, decked out with mirrors to enhance the size of the room and to check out your look in full. Or think open clothes rails to show off your range of fashionable attire. Think dressing tables with perfumes and antique mirrors. The possibilities are endless, but the one thing drawing everything together is your flawless sense of style.


2. The ultra-modern

Modern Bedroom Concrete Flooring Designs

If you can't walk into an Ikea without thinking that you should just follow the exact look of the display rooms on show, you're probably into the modern style. Swedish design is all about modernising space, and turning it into a lifestyle at the same time. It's about having impeccably neat and creative storage options. Super clean cut lines and simple blocks of colour. It's about having a room full of busy possibilities but not one piece of clutter to be seen. High contrast colours and high gloss finish. An ultramodern room would exemplify your addiction to order and your penchant for clean, smooth surfaces. So if that's what you're into you know where to start.


3. The romantic

Let's face it, a bedroom isn't just for sleeping. Without straying too much into the possibilities of how you might decide to use your bedroom, it's quite obvious that it's the one room in the whole house dedicated to soft luxurious furnishing, all made for comfort and calm. So why not turn yours into a beautiful boudoir, a palace of passion or a castle of comfort. Tune down the colour scheme with rich, darkened tones like black and red and use deep luxurious fabrics like velvets and satin to really turn up the romantic feel. Use candles, roses and patterns for ornaments and emphasise the mood lighting with heavy lamp shades and heavy curtains. And to draw things in to a smaller cosiness, crowd the space out with some cushions and throws.


4. The minimalist

Modern Bedroom Clean Space Style Tips

Liking a clean, empty space isn't anything particularly unusual; if you think about it the bedroom is the place where you want to feel most relaxed. For many people relaxation comes with minimal discomfort, minimal distraction and minimal worry. So in a minimalist room, with a toned down neutral colour scheme and all your clutter hidden away, you're most likely to feel your calmest. You don't find spas or massage parlours full of busy colours and piles of stuff; they're blank canvasses where you can clear your mind and focus on what's inside.


5. The loud and lively

If you like nothing better than to retire to your room to thrash out some tunes or immerse yourself into the latest dance anthem then you can use your favourite form of escapism to style your bedroom too. Loud and lively is a description of sound, but also of colour, and that personal love of bright oranges, hot pinks or audacious greens doesn't need to offend anyone if it's in your bedroom. You can clash colours and cut up textures to draw together the whole look into a mash of eclectic liveliness just for you.


6. The reader

Bedroom Stylish Comfort Designs Tips

Your bedroom is about getting away from it all and spending time in your own personal space. So whether it's to listen to music or to read a book you can tailor your style to the way you like to spend your down time most. Surrounding yourself in your room with books is a style in itself, wall to wall book collections look really great and help create a cosy atmosphere. Why not even try colour co-ordinating your books to really turn your love of reading into a visual delight.


7. The sleeper

Well that's what it's therefore really: the bedroom is the place to sleep. For all those people who like to make the most of a bit of shut-eye your room can be styled around your love of the snooze. Warm, natural tones that are soothing on the eye and create that lovely morning sunrise haze are a perfect way to colour a sleepy room. Emphasise the soft furnishings with pillows and cushions galore and very simple furniture. Keep things light and area too and your room will be the dreamland you're looking for.

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