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Bedroom Flooring Guide

While there are many stylish options for bedroom flooring, the rules remain the same. bedroom flooring must be comfortable, durable, easy clean, allergy free and stylish. Here you'll find great ideas on how to choose the right bedroom flooring.


Bedroom Flooring Guide

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Bedroom Flooring Guide

All you need to know about bedroom flooring

Whether you prefer to go for style or comfort, or if you have a specific need for easy-maintenance flooring or maybe flooring that will last a lifetime, picking out the right sort of floor for your bedroom is really very simple.

There's a lot on offer, but don't be too put off by the many variations for bedroom flooring - there are really only a few basic types that you need to think about.

Types of bedroom floor

Bedroom Flooring comfort stylish designs

Carpet - the staple bedroom flooring, available in countless colour possibilities, with many grades of quality and price. If you're looking for colour, comfort or cost, then carpet is the option for you.

Timber - high in price but long in life, the durability of wooden flooring is second to none and just as stylish. But there's the obvious compromise on comfort to contend with so you really have to be sure you're happy with a hard-floor bedroom.

Laminate - the cost-compromising option for those eager for a wooden-look floor. While ticking all the style options with versatile colours and qualities available, laminate flooring is another hard-floor option. But then you can always soften it up with a rug or two.

Wooden Flooring Style Design Ideas Bamboo - to make a real style statement without paying the high price of timber you might also want to think about bamboo. A more natural alternative to laminate it's just as easy to maintain, simple to lay and stylish too.

Vinyl - while being very similar to laminate flooring, and being just as good a compromise from timber, vinyl is slightly softer than laminate and, unlike laminate, is better for slip resistance, which can be safer.

Tiles - while not usually associated with bedroom flooring, tiles can offer a unique and stylish flooring solution. While sharing the durability and easy-clean traits of other hard flooring, tiling offers and extra versatility when it comes to picking a design or being extra-creative.

Concrete - the often overlooked flooring type, ultramodern concrete offers easy maintenance, long life flooring without excessive cost. While it's much trickier than other flooring types to install, the seamless finish is unmatched by any other option.


That's not all...

Flooring choices

Thinking about the purpose of your flooring is the safest way to make sure you're picking the right option. None of the factors you should consider are mutually exclusive but you will still want to think about the factors you want to put emphasis on and the factors where you can compromise just a little. There's no one flooring type that ticks every box so it's about finding what suits your needs best.

- unless you're prone to constantly knocking things off your bed-side table, then durability might not be a huge factor for bedroom flooring. Foot fall in bedrooms tends to be much less than in living rooms or kitchens so this makes soft flooring, like carpet, a much more viable option. Then again, in a kids room durability might play a bigger role, as toys and spillages do their damage at a much more frequent rate.

Modern Concrete Flooring Design Ideas Comfort
- in a bedroom comfort has to be high on the agenda. The low foot fall means going for that deep luxury carpet is a clear option. Shag-pile rugs belong in a bedroom too, and, with the option for having any sort of rug or mat, you don't just have to pick carpet if you want to maximise your comfort.

- your lifestyle will probably dictate whether you need to go for easy-clean flooring or not. Laminates or vinyls are the obvious choice if you want to minimise the floor cleaning effort. But their smooth surface does mean that dust can collect in corners if you don't give it a regular sweep. Carpets only need a quick vacuuming, but they can be stained or marked much more easily.

- this is a top consideration that people often overlook. Dust allergies are quite common and any sort of fabric material in a room is going to have an impact on the amount of dust than can collect. Carpets are now frequently made with allergy free materials, but they are still prone to collecting hairs and dust.

- The scale of costs of hardwood flooring make it simply not an option for most. But the substitutes available mean that you only have to compromise a tiny bit to still get that much sought after timber-look. Cork, bamboo or laminate floorings all offer a much cheaper alternative and each have their own benefits. Carpet values vary massively, but this is usually for a very good reason; longevity being one of the main factors that prove sometimes it's not ideal to go for a cheap floor.

- the main thing to think about if you want to get eco-friendly flooring for your bedroom is the material. Naturally made and produced flooring is best for the environment but you also want to check the source to ensure that it's renewable, and that the floor will last a long time before needing to be replaced. Another useful approach is to look into the manufacturing process of the flooring if you really want to ensure the carbon footprint is minimal.

- style all depends on the look you want to go for. While carpets offer a huge amount of versatility in the style stakes there's no denying hard wood flooring is as stylish as it gets. But style options are infinite, so much so that we've written some more detailed guides about getting the look of your bedroom just right.

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