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Dining Room Flooring Guide

Consider your lifestyle when choosing dining room flooring. With young children, look for stain resistance and durability. Or choose luxury flooring to create a formal dining space. Here you’ll find great guide on finding the perfect dining room flooring.


Dining Room Flooring Guide

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Dining Room Flooring Guide

All you need to know about dining room flooring

Fast paced living has definitely changed the nature of a dining room. Some homes might still have retained the completely separate dining room space, a room dedicated to eating and drinking with family and housemates. Others might have dining rooms integrated into lounges or kitchens. Either way, dining rooms are places to gather and socialise with people close to us, they are hives of activity, places of formality or party spaces all rolled into one, so having a good-looking functional dining room is a big bonus.

Even though it’s really just there to be walked all over, flooring shouldn’t be overlooked. Your floors can alter the temperature, acoustics and aesthetics of your dining room. They will influence how much time you spend in it and how good it looks. To get the most joy possible out of your dining room, we’ve put together a few things to think about when it comes to floors:

Dining Room Flooring Designs Ideas

Things to Consider for dining room floors:

  • Space – The focus of a dining room is obviously the dining table, and this is going to take up a lot of space and dominate the room. So, depending how big your table needs to be, you are going to want to emphasise the space around it to make the room feel as big as possible. If your dining area is small, then it’s best to go with light colours for the floor to create the feeling of space. Staying away from patterns that are too ‘busy’ is also a great idea. That's not to say that dark colours for floors aren't a good idea in dining rooms too, larger rooms can be drawn in with darker floors and bring focus onto the table.

  • Light – A dining room with big windows, lit by natural light, is ideal, especially in the summer months when you want a room to feel as airy as possible. Sun filled rooms cope very well with rich, dark colours on the floor. Dark rooms can feel a lot smaller than they actually are so they benefit from lighter colours. If the walls and floor are light and close in tone, this blurs the ‘horizon’ line of the room, which makes the room feel bigger, too.

  • Sound – Dining rooms are built for function and don’t often contain soft furnishings dampen sound, this is emphasised in smaller rooms. Carpet can really help to dampen sound in a small room. Placing a rug over a hard surface, such as tiles or timber floorboards, will have a similar effect and can also help to protect your floor from scuffs cause by shoes and furniture being moved.

  • FunctionSeparate dining rooms might only be used for special occasions or a few times a week for family dinners. If you don’t use your dining room much you might be able to go all out on style and luxury as you don’t have to worry as much about the practicalities. If you want to use your dining room as a social hub though, you’re going to want to find a flooring that’s a bit more durable and lasting. For dining rooms that enjoy everyday use for breakfast, lunch and dinner, easy-to-clean surfaces made from durable materials are vital. If your dining room is part of an open-plan kitchen or living room however you'll have to incorporate the flooring somehow, which can be a bit more tricky.

  • Safety - Dining rooms are obviously used to serve and eat food. A non-slip floor is essential for safety when carrying around plates of hot food. It's also worth looking for something that's easy to clean as spillages are much more likely. This is why laminates or woods are a great flooring option for dining rooms. They are robust, solid and easy to clean. They're also waterproof which can be very handy for getting spillages cleaned up quickly. With a well placed rug on top you can combine your need for function, safety and aesthetics all in one room. 

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