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While there are many stylish options for bathroom flooring, the rules remain the same. Bathroom flooring must be water-resistant, durable, easy clean and have a non-slip surface. Here you'll find great ideas for your bathroom design.



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All you need to know about your bathroom floor

Bathroom Flooring Design Tips

Darren's Top Tips for Bathrooms

It should be the most relaxing space in the home, yet we’re all likely to be guilty of viewing the bathroom more as the battleground against time as we dash out to work, play or do the morning school run than as somewhere inviting...

Bathroom Flooring Designs Ideas

All you need to know about bathroom flooring

One of the biggest considerations when it comes to bathroom flooring, of course, is whether or not the material you choose is water resistant, but there's a few more things you should bear in mind.

Bathroom Flooring Style Tips

Style tips for your bathroom designs

Bathroom designs are always going to be a matter of taste, but unlike a lot of other rooms in your home, bathrooms are the sorts of spaces that are all for you, and you can get away with personalising them as much as you like.

Bathroom Flooring Design Sources

5 Inspirational sources for bathroom design ideas

If you're stuck for sources of inspiration, we've compiled a few of the most interesting bathroom design posts from around the web.

Bathroom Flooring Design Tips

5 Budget bathroom tips

If you just can't deny yourselves the most stylish suites you will have to make savings elsewhere. We've compiled a few tips to help you consider where you can snip away at some of the excessive prices...




Live Q&A happening now with Carpet Court Ambassador and interior designer Darren Palmer.

Posted by Carpet Court on Thursday, August 18, 2016


Live q&a on Carpet Court Facebook with Darren Palmer

In August, Darren took the floor (quite literally!) by holding his first ever live ‘Q&A’ session on Carpet Court’s Facebook page. ‘Live’ from his beautiful Sydney studio, Darren spent time answering a long list of viewers questions, in real time, on all things interior design. During the hour session, Darren imparted wisdom (including personal anecdotes) and generously shared expert tips and tricks on how to use Carpet Court products to achieve the look you love.
Check out what he had to say!

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Provincial Lane range
Provincial Lane range
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