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Bedroom flooring is intimate area in the house. Here you’ll find the best bedroom flooring ideas for your specific design style and needs.



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All you need to know about your bedroom floor

Bedroom Flooring Designs Ideas

All you need to know about bedroom flooring

Whether you prefer to go for style or comfort, or if you have a specific need for easy-maintenance flooring or maybe flooring that will last a lifetime, picking out the right sort of floor for your bedroom is really very simple.

Bedroom Flooring Style Tips

7 Style tips for your bedroom designs

It doesn't matter how old you are, how fashionable you are or how tidy you are; your bedroom is your space to do with as you want. With all the other room style guide's we've asked you to think about what guests would think when they enter a room.

10 Quirky Bedroom Features

10 Quirky bedroom features to make it your own

Old tyres, suitcases, skateboards, chunks of wood, stacked cushions, books or even other old chairs other old chairs. Anything that can take your weight goes. And it's the perfect way to add a bit of character to your bedroom.

Bedroom Flooring Design tips

5 Budget bedroom tips

Bedroom redesigns can be so simple that you shouldn't be worrying too much about breaking the bank when taking on a new project. The main reason for this is that you rarely need to overhaul the whole room to give it a completely new look.




Live Q&A happening now with Carpet Court Ambassador and interior designer Darren Palmer.

Posted by Carpet Court on Thursday, August 18, 2016


Live q&a on Carpet Court Facebook with Darren Palmer

In August, Darren took the floor (quite literally!) by holding his first ever live ‘Q&A’ session on Carpet Court’s Facebook page. ‘Live’ from his beautiful Sydney studio, Darren spent time answering a long list of viewers questions, in real time, on all things interior design. During the hour session, Darren imparted wisdom (including personal anecdotes) and generously shared expert tips and tricks on how to use Carpet Court products to achieve the look you love.
Check out what he had to say!

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Provincial Lane range
Provincial Lane range
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