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Living Room Flooring Guide

As Australia's flooring specialists, we know how important living room flooring is when you're looking to create a certain look and feel in your home. Our ultimate flooring style tips tell you everything you need to know to help you decide which flooring is right for you.


Living Room Flooring Guide

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Living Room Flooring Guide

Style tips for your living room designs

Given that, these days, we do most of our day-to-day living in kitchens, studies and dining rooms, it might seem a little bit ironic that the place where we actually get to sit down and put our feet up after all the work is done, is called the living room.

But in reality, the lack of a specific, prescribed function makes the living room a very important room indeed. It has no pretensions of type, no definitive fittings and no preordained designs. That makes it our own space to use for whatever we want. This is great news for designers - when it comes to style, the living room is a blank canvas.

Style Tips For Your Living Room Like the other rooms of your house, the living room needs to be a versatile place to fulfill all sorts of modern functions, whatever they may be, and that means there is a still a bit to learn when it comes to style.

Nonetheless, the freedom to inject your personal style tastes into the look of your living room shouldn't be undervalued. We're not going to influence your living room choices with specific colour schemes or style options. Instead we've pulled together a few simple things to bear in mind so that you can make the most of your space, keep your living rooms looking stylish, and keep that all important personality.

Consistent character

The potential uses for a living room are numerous. It could be where you house all your many books on shelves towering up the walls. It could be where you've created your home cinema, with a huge screen and all the chairs facing forwards. It could be where you go to gather with friends, to sit in a circle around a coffee table. It could be where you eat most of your meals, chatting with others or in front of the TV.

It is clear that there are many options for your living room, but this diversity also presents a potential mismatch of style options: Do you go for high end leather and wood work, to emphasise quality and character? Or do you go for light soft furnishings for comfort? Do you go for bright bold colours to delight the kids or natural mature shades to impress your guests?

It really doesn't matter which way you go, but the important thing is to keep it consistent: Even if your living room is used by the kids, with toys strewn throughout, as well as for your weekly book club meetings, you should still only stick to one style format for your furnishings. The basic point is that you don't need to impress everyone. Having a stylish design that joins up is enough to make things look good, so don't try to please all, or you could end up with a mismatched spill-over room for the rest of your house.

Minimal effort; maximum comfort

All those living room uses are geared towards leisure time. And in your down time there's one thing that you want above all: relaxation. So when it comes to stylising your living room, you should bear in mind the need to minimise the effort required to maximise the comfort.

Living Room Design Tips This is easier said than done. When you're wandering round your local home-store, picking out all the good looking modern furniture, you'll probably be focusing on good colours and aesthetics. For instance, many a style guru will say that the Chesterfield sofa is the most desirable installation for a high class living room. It looks gorgeous and adds unrivalled character with it's age and quality. But a Chesterfield sofa, however good, is made from wood and iron, upholstered in cold slippery leather and with high arms which, while great for perching your tea on, get in the way when you want to loll or kick up your feet. Chesterfields are a number 1 style tip for most rooms, but they are the prime example how you have to balance the aesthetics with the comfort to reduce that effort right down and make sure your living room is made for comfort.

The same goes for a lot of your other living room style choices: You want to incorporate coffee tables and side tables that are convenient and within reach, so you need to think about height as well as style; you want to have chairs that both face towards a TV, as well as being useful for circling a coffee table; you want to have enough space to squeeze in more people, enough space to walk all the way to your TV, even if that means going for smaller seating.

Going for minimal effort means bearing in mind all the possible functions for your living room and ensuring your furniture choices work for all of them. You don't have to compromise your fashionable sense to do this at all, it's just about bearing in mind the practicalities before you jump in with the aesthetics.

High performing

Minimal effort isn't just about easy living either. It's also about making the most of the technological and innovative features available to make your life easier. A high performing living area is one that can respond to all the various requirements of a modern living space. So, for instance, a high performing sofa is one that seats people in comfort and maybe even folds out into a sofa bed for when you have people staying over. Those bulky stylish cushions for the chair are a practical idea to cram in a few extra people on the floor and those small stacking tables come in handy for serving drinks to multiple guests.

Function will always play a part when picking the right furniture for your room, however stylish. There's no use going for a huge widescreen TV if you are only going to sitting a metre away from it.

So enhancing the multiple purposes of your living room is a vital thing to bear in mind when making your style choices. It comes in handy for every style decision you make. For instance, when you're out purchasing that new TV, or a larger TV upgrade, you might be considering a flat screen so that you can fit it closer to the wall and so that it looks much more stylish. You could even go one step further and consider a projector. More affordable than ever before a projector set will transform your home cinema experience and fold away neatly for when it's not in use. The perfect high performance gadget to keep your room as stylish as possible.
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Style tips for your living room designs - Darren Palmer

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