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Darren’s Tips for Bathrooms

Find out Darren Palmer's top tips to update your bathroom. Find your new bathroom flooring at Carpet Court!


Darren’s Tips for Bathrooms

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Darren’s Tips for Bathrooms

It should be the most relaxing space in the home, yet we’re all likely to be guilty of viewing the bathroom more as the battleground against time as we dash out to work, play or do the morning school run than as somewhere inviting to unwind. 

Bathroom Greenery SucculentTo help you embrace the escapism a bathroom can offer, Carpet Court ambassador, Darren Palmer, suggests some easy styling tips that will transform your space into a sanctuary. 

Go green: Breathing some life into your bathroom with greenery always works beautifully. The natural forms and fresh colours of something living and growing help to bring a feeling of tranquillity to your bathroom, whether you opt for a small succulent, fern or an even grander statement. Bathroom Stone Bringing in plant life is the perfect softening device in bathrooms, particularly in all white palettes, where it can be difficult to strike the right balance between clean and clinical.

Indulge your senses: Tactile materials like natural wood, stone and the aforementioned flora all create a lovely mix of layers that instantly transports the mind to the peace and tranquillity associated with the great outdoors.For a more textured feel underfoot, introduce matt-finished flooring tiles that are designed for external use. Slightly rougher and so reminiscent of a natural landscape, external tiles carry the added bonus of being exceptionally slip-resistant. Take a look at Carpet Court’s full range for some inspiration: Bathroom Plantation Shutters

Out the window: Allow fresh air and natural light to flood into your bathroom, while maintaining the necessary degree of privacy, by dressing windows with Carpet Court’s custom-made plantation shutters.Available in hinge, bi-fold or sliding options, pure white styles create a sense of cohesion with classic white suites or, alternatively choose from a contrasting medley of forest browns like cedar, dark cherry or mahogany to emphasise natural references.

Bathroom Candle LightFlip the switch: Strip and spot lighting are bathroom saviours from a practical point of view, but when it comes to creating a more relaxing refuge, they’re far from ideal. Instead, if you’re looking to wind down before heading to bed, dim or shut off the lights altogether and indulge in the gentle glow that only candle light can bring. 

Clutter vs. character: Bathrooms are often home to all manner of cosmetic, beauty and grooming products that, when left on display, can make the space seem much smaller and overwhelmingly chaotic. Investing in practical, yet stylish, storage, like shower tidies and wicker baskets make it much easier to keep clutter under control. Do avoid stripping your bathroom of all its character though, by leaving a few choice finishing touches on display. Fluffy towels, glass perfume bottles and luxury lotions all help to soften a space and reinforce the feeling of indulgence when you’re looking to relax.Visit your local store or find us on Facebook or Instagram for more inspiration.

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