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Katie O. – Elimbah, QLD

13-Jan 2017

5 Star Rating

Would recommend carpet court & matt’s vinyl & carpet laying company to others & have already done this

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Why consider vinyl flooring?

Vinyl Flooring for your home Vinyl has come a long way in the past few years to become a category renowned for its quality construction, along with a new-found sense of style that has seen its popularity rise among designers and DIYers alike. And with its countless benefits, it’s easy to understand why. Vinyl is highly durable, able to easily withstand continuous high foot traffic and featuring an ultra-hygienic coating that ensures it remains resilient against scratches and stains. What’s more, vinyl provides a moisture resistant flooring option, so unlike laminate or timber, it won’t warp when coming into contact with water. The endless colours and finishes available within the range make it an exceptionally versatile choice, with styles designed to emulate the look of natural materials, for a fraction of the price, to complement any and every aesthetic. Sheet, plank and tile varieties are all available within the range and, thanks to thick cushioning, are both whisper soft and acoustically quiet underfoot. Simple to install and even easier to care for, Vinyl Harmony is an ideal floor covering for busy home environments.

What range of colours are available in the range?

Comprising seven unique collections, the Vinyl Harmony range makes achieving almost any interior style possible, thanks to its vast array of colours, grains and finishes. Each of the collections offers a perfect reproduction of natural materials, for a cost-effective alternative to installing the real thing. Styles within Artisan, Grange, Living, Living OakLaneway and Plank authentically replicate the look of real wood, while our two tiled collections create the illusion of real stone, slate, marble, granite and ivory. Designed to offer customers an array of unique options, many of the styles have been inspired by wood from around the world, for example, Scandinavian Oak, Japanese Oak, Australian Laurel, Tasmanian River Ash and American White Oak. Alongside these more natural tones that range from light greys, to traditional oak, to rich, deep browns, the portfolio also comprises more unusual finishes, like Roaring 20ies, Cracked Oak and Ratskeller, which can be used to bring an edgy, contemporary vibe to the space. In terms of tiles, colour options include neutrals like sandstone and pewter, through to bolder blacks for a statement feature floor. Just take a look at our ProStyles from our premium collection are available in polished black or white stone, offering a luxurious finish that immediately elevates the quality of any room. 

What do I need to consider when researching?

Vinyl Floors from Carpet CourtThere are typically four key considerations to take into account when looking at installing vinyl in your home: budget, durability, your DIY prowess, and the overall look and finish of your room. In terms of budget, vinyl presents a more affordable option for those wanting to emulate the look of timber, stone, marble and the like, which can be costly to install. Collections like Laneway, Provincial Lane, Vega, Orion and Vinyl Harmony have been crafted to perfection, complete with intricate finishes for a wholly authentic look and feel. When it comes to durability, vinyl is exceptionally tough wearing and comes with an added edge – its moisture resistant core – which makes it especially suitable for areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. If you’re thinking of installing your flooring yourself, vinyl is one of the most straightforward home DIY projects to undertake, whether you’re working with sheet, plank or tile. All can be laid directly on top of the existing subfloor, without any need for underlay, and are fixed either with a water-based acrylic adhesive in the case of vinyl sheet or the pre-fixed adhesive backing in the case of vinyl plank and tile. If you’d prefer an entirely fuss-free solution, Carpet Court can arrange for one of our flooring experts to install your laminate – simply find your nearest store using our store locator and speak to a team member. And finally, to complement the overall aesthetic of your space, you can choose from a huge array of unique styles, colours and finishes, so you’re sure to find an option that will help you to achieve your desired look. For more options, why not check out our NeuTX, Quick-Step Balance, Real Living, Novilon or Visions collections?

How do I care for this range?

Vinyl is one of the simplest floor coverings to care for, requiring minimal, easy maintenance that can be fitted in around busy day-to-day living. Ensuring you give your vinyl floor a quick, regular sweep and a weekly mop through using appropriate cleaner to lift those more stubborn stains will help to maintain its appearance no end. It’s also useful to bear in mind that vinyl flooring can be susceptible to fading when exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time, so be conscious of dipping blinds or drawing curtains on particularly sunny days to prolong your vinyl’s quality finish.




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Provincial Lane range
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