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What are the Real Living options available in the Carpet Court range?

The wildly popular Real Living flooring range was designed exclusively for Carpet Court by TV celebrity and renovator extraordinaire Shelley Craft. It comprises a fabulous array of options across vinyl as well as other types of flooring which means there is a product in the range for virtually any living or working space. No matter what your requirements are, there is a range of flooring to suit your home and lifestyle. Vinyl in particular has long been a popular choice for updaters, renovators and builders looking for a low cost alternative to timber flooring. It delivers the right look for the style-conscious without spending the big bucks.

Why choose vinyl flooring for my living area?

Real Living Vinyl Flooring Carpet CourtThere are so many reasons to consider Real Living Vinyl flooring for your home. Whilst affordability is key, the advantages to choosing a vinyl floor extend far beyond your wallet. Vinyl’s hardwearing layers make it highly resistant to stains and scratches which is ideal if children or pets will be spending a lot of time in the space. Vinyl is also easy to clean, and just a simple soft, dry brush, followed by a run over with a damp mop, will quickly eradicate the inevitable build-up of dirt and marks. With this particular range, the impressive durability of vinyl does not come at the expense of style or comfort. Instead, the Modular Living vinyl collection unites all three elements for functional flooring with a quality look and feel. The 10 unique, timber-effect designs of the range allow you to bring the warmth, sophistication and timeless appeal of natural hardwood to your living spaces, at a much more economical cost. The available styles within the collection offer impressive aesthetic versatility, while the additional advantage of being able to cope with moisture means they can be installed in any room of the home.

What colours and styles are available in this range of flooring?

The colour palette of the range are an especially good fit for modern interiors with vinyl planks in neutral shades from light to dark that are sure to suit almost any décor. The gloriously light Siberian oak is a rhapsody in white. American white oak and manuka on the other hand, inject a sunny warmth to the floor. The cool tones of oak provide a neutral backdrop whereas French oak, wine barrel oak and spotted gum present delicious chocolate tones. The pinkish hues of Manchurian oak resonate with an elegance that is perfect for modern interiors as do the more dramatic and darker shades of gun metal oak and storm oak.

Is this range of flooring durable for high traffic areas?

Vinyl flooring is renowned for its low maintenance properties and this particular range is no exception. It is particularly easy to clean and extremely hardwearing making it a great solution for larger families with lots of feet traipsing through rooms.

How is this range of flooring installed?

Vinyl flooring can be installed as a DIY project or by professionals, which is the recommended method. Expert advice can be found in your local Carpet Court store where someone can guide you through the various Real Living flooring options. Your local store can also arrange for a free measure and quote for a completely hassle-free experience.

How do I clean and maintain this type of vinyl flooring?

Vinyl is one of the easiest flooring options to keep clean. A dry sweep or vacuum will remove surface dust and dirt, while more stubborn marks should wipe away easily with a wet mop and appropriate floor cleaner. Avoid using anything overly abrasive on vinyl surfaces – so no steel wool or harsh cleaners – and always wipe or mop your floor down with clean water after using cleaning products to avoid residue from building up. Clean your vinyl floor regularly to stop dirt from scratching or becoming embedded in the material, as this can quickly age your floor. Additionally, putting down mats or rugs at entrances can help to minimise the impact of heavier foot traffic in busy areas.

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