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Material cost

Graceful. Stylish. Effortless. Amazone is a premium laminate. Available in six carefully curated patterns and hues, Amazone can be fashioned to meet all of your interior design needs. 

Graceful. Stylish. Effortless. Amazone is a premium laminate.

Featuring long and narrow planks, an Amazone floor oozes with elegance. It harnesses the natural beauty of timber with micro bevel edges and embossing, plus a range of sophisticated surface structures. Available in six carefully curated patterns and hues, Amazone can be fashioned to meet all of your interior design needs. Boasting an AC5 abrasion rating and a Use Class of 3 3, Amazone is so sturdy it will maintain its beauty even in heavy traffic commercial spaces. (Excludes: Areas prone to getting wet such as bathrooms, toilets and laundries)

Type Laminate
Length 1380mm
Width 157mm
Thickness 10mm
Budget $$

Warranty Information

These AFS Residential Warranties – Laminate Products apply only;

  • In Australia
  • In respect of AFS laminate products purchased after 1 July 2018;
  • To the original purchaser of the floor or in the case of a builder or developer the owner of the residential home 6 months after purchase of the floor;
  • To floors installed in accordance with AFS’s installation instructions set out in this brochure and leaflets in the boxes and on our website at,au
  • To new, first quality flooring in its original installation; and
  • To floors used indoors in a residential home excluding wet areas as bathrooms, toilets, laundries or areas/rooms where a floor waste (water drain) is present (residential kitchens are NOT considered wet areas) and areas subject to significant non-foot traffic.

These warranties relate solely to residential uses.

Further details can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Your new AFS Kronotex Laminate Floor has been designed with low maintenance in mind. With a little routine care and regular maintenance, it is easy to look after your AFS Kronotex Laminate Floor. Just follow the easy steps below:

  • Regularly remove any loose dirt or grit which could damage the floor by sweeping with a soft dry broom or vacuum.
  • Mop the floor using water a damp mop and a non-abrasive soap-free cleaner to remove any footprints, dirt and other stains or marks.
  • As required – any stains or spillages should be cleaned up immediately using a clean white cloth. Stubborn scuffs and stains can also easily be removed using a damp sponge with a diluted solution white spirit.

More detailed information on caring for your laminate floor can be found and downloaded here.