If you’re looking for blockout blinds in the latest on-trend and classic styles, shop Carpet Court’s large range online or in-store. You’ll find light filtering and blockout roller blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds, and panel blinds to suit any home.

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Elevate your interiors with blockout blinds that are as attractive as they are functional. Roller blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds or panel blinds, there is a style and fabric to suit any interior. Not only do they protect your floors and furniture from the bright Aussie sun, they also give you the ability to block light and gain total privacy. Find out more about what makes blockout blinds so popular in our handy guide below.

Increase privacy and darkness with blockout blinds

Could your home or office do with some privacy from what’s outside? Perhaps you need to tame the beating sun or stop headlights disturbing you at night? Then, you need blockout blinds. Get the privacy you crave and let in as much or as little light as you like.

Reduce the amount of harmful UV light with blockout blinds

With all our glorious Australian light, there is, unfortunately, a need to protect our furniture and floors from harmful UV rays. Carpet Court’s range of high-quality blockout blinds completely block the harsh Australian sun and keep out unwanted exterior lights at night.

Not only do blockout blinds protect your interiors, they also have excellent insulation properties, keeping the heat out in summer, the warmth in during winter, and your electricity bill lower.

Check out our range of blockout blinds including light filtering and roller blinds

In addition to roller blinds, there are other types of blinds suitable for blockout fabrics. Roman blinds, vertical blinds and panel glide blinds can all be manufactured with either light filtering or blockout fabrics, making these already versatile window blinds even more adaptable to your needs.

Light filtering blinds allow you to enjoy natural light during the day while remaining private to the outside and, at night, the clever fabric provides privacy from the outside. Sunscreen fabrics offer you daytime privacy and exceptional sun protection, while also providing a clear view to the outside. However, it does not offer night-time privacy.

Double roller blinds are an excellent way to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to total light control. One roller can hold a light filtering or sunscreen blind for daytime privacy and natural light, and the second roller can hold a blackout blind for complete room darkening and privacy. Perfect for windows on a busy street, from the Melbourne CBD to the Sydney suburbs.

Find the best blockout window coverings for your rooms

Carpet Court’s large range of blinds cater to all styles of interiors, lifestyle requirements, and budgets. Here’s a list of the best types of block out blinds:

  • Roller blinds – Manufactured using fabric attached to an aluminium roller which is mounted to the window. Roller blinds create privacy, control room temperature, and let you adjust the natural light in a room. Sleek, energy efficient, suitable for both modern or contemporary homes, and never go out of style. Roller blinds are available in a wide range of fabric, including blockout, light filtering and sunscreen, and can be hung on single or duo brackets.
  • Roman blinds – Made of fabric attached to a series of aluminium battens, Roman blinds sit flat against a window when they are pulled down and gather into neat folds when they are raised. They can be made in blockout fabrics and they bridge the gap between a soft window furnishing and a blind, adding a stylish, layered look to your room. Roman blinds are operated by a chord system, or our expert team can fully motorisation them for effortless usability.
  • Vertical blinds – Practical and modern, vertical blinds suit any home. They are a simple to operate, affordable and popular choice for sliding doors and side-opening windows. Made of a series of vertical fabric slats with bottom weights, they can be fully drawn to the side to sit open unobstructed or sit at any angle between open and closed for light and privacy control.
  • Panel Glide - Essentially a modern version of vertical blinds, panel blinds have very wide panels. Panel blinds slide across tracks fitted above doors and windows, and stack together either against the wall or within the window/door cavity. Particularly suited to large windows and doors, panel glide blinds hold more contemporary appeal than curtains and are made in light filtering or blockout fabrics.

Free measure and quote for your blockout blinds

Book your free measure and quote online or by phoning your nearest Carpet Court showroom. From Perth to Sydney, we have more than 200 stores in every state and territory of Australia. Our friendly team will come to you with expert advice so you can choose the perfect custom-made blinds for your home or office.

When you’re ready, our professional installation team will quickly and easily install your brand new window furnishings and discuss long-term care and warranty information about your product.

If you’d like to see more of our products in person, drop by your local showroom. Begin by entering your post code into our store finder for your closest store in either 


Choose from a range of different fabrics for your blockout blinds

With the multitude of colour options available at Carpet Court, there are so many ways you can transform your room. From luxe linen textures to contemporary modern metallics, your only challenge will be choosing a fabric from our large range.

  • Austere Blockout - With an organic linen look, Austere is a trendy take on textured fabrics. Available in 12 different colours that encompass the latest interior trends and well-loved classics.
  • Contemporary Blockout - This durable collection protects against unwanted light with its dense fabric, making them well suited to bedrooms, nurseries, and other private spaces. Available in a colour palette of 12 elegant, neutral shades.
  • Downton - This textured jacquard collection in 10 beautiful, modern colours will bring casual elegance to your home. Downton is a versatile option suitable for both a classic or contemporary look.
  • Modern and Modern Metallic - These two collections are a sophisticated take on classic blinds. Available in a huge palette of 31 colours, you are sure to find the perfect shade for your home. Whether you’re after muted neutrals to blend in, or make a statement with a bold colour, the variety of rich matte finishes and elegant metallic coatings are a durable choice that will retain vibrancy for many years.

High-quality, low maintenance blockout roller blinds

At Carpet Court, we never compromise on quality. Our roller blinds are built to last with top quality mechanisms and durable fabrics. With a little bit of regular maintenance, your new blockout roller blinds will last a very long time.

To clean your roller blinds, remove surface dust with a soft cloth or vacuum brush. Then, wipe it with a damp sponge and dry it with a clean cloth. Don’t roll up fabric while it is damp. Remember to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning your blinds, too.

Sunscreen vs blockout blinds - what’s the difference?

Sunscreen fabrics for blinds, such as our Transitional and Transitional Plus collections, provide a clear view of outside while blocking UV rays and controlling heat and light. They also offer excellent daytime privacy.

Blockout blinds will give you the ability to completely darken a room and control the amount of light you let in. The key difference between the two is that, when a blockout blind is down, you can’t see out of your window and your room is dark.

A popular solution is to hang a light filtering or sunscreen blind and a blockout blind on a double roller and enjoy a view with privacy by day and control night-time privacy and darkness as desired.

Need added privacy?  Get high-quality window furnishings

Everyone needs their privacy. Whether you’re screening out a not-so-great view or looking for privacy from foot traffic outside your window, Carpet Court has the window furnishings you need. But our range doesn’t end at blockout blinds. From affordable venetian blinds to luxurious curtains on remote control automation, or timeless and enduring plantation shutters, there’s something for every style and budget.

Benefits of using blockout roller blinds in your home

There’s so much to like about roller blinds. Here’s a few of the top reasons why they continue to remain a popular choice in Australian homes:

  • Durability - Made with high-quality materials to last for years.
  • Energy saving - Our range of fabrics offer excellent insulation.
  • Sun protection - Keep harmful UV rays off your floors and furniture.
  • Light control - Gives you the ability to totally darken a room.
  • Versatility - Suit any style of home or office.
  • Affordability - They look great but don’t cost the earth.

Find the best blinds online for blocking out sunlight

Shop the best blinds in Australia online from the comfort of your home. Carpet Court’s large range of blockout, sunscreen and light filtering fabrics can be paired with your choice of blockout blinds for a custom made look you’ll love. Book online for a free measure and quote.


What are the best blinds to block out sun?

Blinds made with a blockout fabric are best for blocking sun. Blockout fabrics are available for Roman blinds, Roller blinds, Panel blinds, and Venetian blinds and come in a variety of colours from soft neutrals to dark colours like pewter and quartz.

Can you see through Blockout blinds?

When blockout blinds are closed, you can’t see out of them and no one can see in, either. When a blockout blind is open, you have an unobstructed view; however, if you’d like daytime privacy, consider adding a light filtering blind combination to your blockout.