Light Filtering

Light Filtering

Embrace natural light while enjoying privacy with our range of light filtering blinds and curtains. Book online for custom-made roller blinds, Roman blinds, panel glide blinds, and Veri Shades® in the latest on-trend light filtering and blockout fabrics.


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Who doesn’t love natural light? From increasing the value of your property to improving your well-being, and even just helping you to see things more clearly, natural light has a lot going for it. So, how can you maximise natural light in your home or business? The answer is light filtering blinds.

Love your home with our range of light filtering blinds

Light, glorious light! Our light filtering blinds allow you to enjoy a natural glow while being able to control how much sun you let in, all while maintaining your privacy. Light filtering blinds come in a variety of styles, from roller blinds, panel glide blinds to revolutionary new Veri Shades® that combine the softness of sheer curtains with the versatility of blinds.

Choose from a large range of fabrics

Carpet Court has one of Australia’s largest ranges of high-quality, custom light filtering blinds in the latest on-trend fabrics and designs. Our blinds are available in light filtering and transitional fabrics in many colours and textures including textured jacquard and organic linen look fabrics.

Colours to suit any interior space

Carpet Court works with leading interior design experts to ensure our large range of colours reflects both the latest in contemporary trends as well as timeless, traditional styles. No matter what style of interior you’re creating in your home or business, light filtering blinds will work effortlessly.

Go colourful or neutral

Window furnishings can be styled to either blend in with your interiors or stand out as a bold statement. Light filtering blinds can afford you the option of coordinating with neutral tones while letting other interior elements like paint or furniture be the hero. Alternatively, choosing colour and texture with linen-look weaves and jacquard fabrics can make your window dressings a statement that you can complement with soft furnishings.

Commercial light filtering blinds to consider

Our Transitional Light range is a light filtering fabric that provides day and night-time privacy for any room. The opacity of Transitional light reduces glare and UV entering the room, while allowing the glow of natural light. This ensures your rooms will stay airy and makes Transitional Light the perfect option for offices and schools. The fabric for this collection is lead and PVC free making it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Types of light filtering blinds available

Light filtering blinds are available in the following blind types:

  • Roller blinds - Manufactured using your choice of fabric attached to an aluminium roller mounted to a window on single or duo brackets.
  • Panel glide blinds - A versatile shading option for large windows and sliding doors. Easily opened or drawn by wand control, they can be stacked past a doorway or large window to allow full access and view of your opening.
  • Veri Shades® - the new revolutionary window furnishings range that combines the softness and style of curtains with the versatility of blinds.

Roller and panel glide blinds can be manufactured with the following fabric types:

  • Light filtering - The light filtering ranges of our Downton, Contemporary and Austere fabrics provide superb day and night-time privacy while controlling light.
  • Transitional Light - light filtering, reduces glare and UV entering the room, and provides the glow of natural light while maintaining day and night-time privacy.
  • Transitional Plus - a collection of dual-function sunscreen roller blinds, providing you with both excellent daytime privacy and exceptional sun protection.
  • Transitional – made with 2x2 basket weave sunscreen fabric, with a 5% openness factor. This allows light and heat to be controlled, while also providing a clear view of the outside.

Everything you need to know about your sheer curtains and light filtering blinds

Sheer curtains are a soft, elegant window covering that filter natural light into your home while maintaining daytime privacy. Curtains are hung from tracks or rods and can be made in a variety of designs including s-fold, pinch pleat, pencil pleat, eyelet, and more. Typically, curtains run to the floor and are often teamed with a room-darkening blockout curtain for night-time privacy and added insulation.

Light filtering blinds are very popular in Australian homes because they are minimalistic and versatile, offering excellent light control options. They offer privacy both day and night. Blinds can also be double hung on a duo bracket which means you can team a light filtering blind with a block out or transitional blind to give you more control of light and privacy. Light filtering fabrics are suitable for roller, and panel blinds.

Veri Shades® is a revolutionary new technology that combines the look of curtains with the functionality of blinds. They transition from day to night privacy at the twist of a wand.

All our curtain and blind options can be motorised for effortless operation. Talk to the expert team at Carpet Court about how you can make your place a smart home.

Light filtering, sheer and semi-sheer - what is the difference?

Light filtering fabrics offer more privacy than sheer and semi-sheer curtains. During the day, light filtering fabrics allow the same amount of light into a room as sheer curtains. However, at night, a light filtering fabric offers privacy, while a sheer or semi-sheer curtain does not. This is something to keep in mind for your window treatments if you live on a busy street with foot traffic directly outside.

Quality sheer curtains and light filtering blinds at affordable prices

Carpet Court has excellent relationships with leading manufacturers of high-quality window furnishings. No matter the price point in our range, we never compromise on quality. So, you can rest assured that even our more affordable options, like the Contemporary Light Filter range, don’t compromise where it counts.

Sheer curtains vs light filtering blinds - what is the difference?

Sheer curtains are made from lightweight fabrics, and they cover your entire window, often running to the floor. They provide daytime privacy, diffuse light, and provide softness and movement.

Light filtering roller blinds are the same size as your window and, like sheer curtains, they provide privacy, light control, and sun protection, however, they are slightly more versatile because you can adjust their height or open and close them completely.

Light filtering panel blinds tend to run to the ground like curtains and can be opened, closed, or drawn across with a wand.

Veri Shades® looks like sheer curtains but have the versatility of [RM1] [Ma2] blinds. A wand allows you to flick them from day privacy to night privacy and, when hung in doorways, you can walk through them at any point because the fabric folds separate effortlessly around you.

Book your free measure and quote today

Ask your local Carpet Court showroom for a free measure and free quote to determine the cost of installing light filtering blinds and any finer product details like warranty information and workmanship. The expert, friendly team at our growing network of more than 200 Australian stores would love to help with your blinds.

If you’d like to see our products in person or weigh up your blind choices against plantation shutters, Venetian and vertical blinds, we can walk you through it. Begin by using your postcode to search for your closest store in either VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, TAS, ACT, WA or NT.

Buying your light filtering blinds online at Carpet Court

Buying your blinds online with Carpet Court is as easy as browsing our extensive range online and requesting a free measure and quote at the click of a button. Our expert team will come to you with your chosen fabric samples to discuss your window furnishing needs.


Can you see through light filtering blinds?

Light filtering blinds allow you to see out in the daytime and prevent outsiders looking in at night-time. An alternative to light filtering blinds is Veri Shades® which have the look of sheer curtains but they provide day and night-time privacy.

Do light filtering blinds offer privacy?

All light filtering blinds offer privacy both in the daytime and at night. Light filtering fabrics like the Austere or Transitional Light Filter ranges offer both day and night privacy and can be teamed with a blockout blind if complete darkness is desired.