Blockout roller blinds are a stylish, affordable window covering that provides total light control and privacy. Discover classic and on-trend blind fabrics in a variety of colours and textures that will block, filter or screen out the Australian sun.

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If you need to blackout a room, there’s no better window furnishing for the task than a blockout roller blind. A custom-made roller blind ensures optimum performance and eliminates the chance of gaps to let in the light. We’ve put together this handy guide so you can learn everything you need to know about this versatile and affordable window covering.

Keep your home cool with blockout roller blinds

Did you know that blockout blind fabric has excellent insulation properties? This means that you can keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter - a real win for saving on your power bill. Blockout fabrics reflect heat and light to create an exceptionally high-performing product. Carpet Court’s range of blockout fabrics offers a large variety of colour options and textures and can be paired with light filtering fabrics in matching or complementary colours.

Escape the Australian summer heat with blockout roller blinds

World-renowned for our Summer heat, we Australians love our sunshine. Except when it’s belting through our windows, fading our lounges, and making our homes even hotter on a scorching day. Blackout roller blinds will help you tame the heat, protect your furnishings, and obtain excellent privacy. Carpet Court has one of Australia’s most extensive ranges of blind fabrics in blockout, light filtering and transitional sunscreen functionalities.

Cleaning and maintaining your blockout roller blinds

Roller blinds are a very low-maintenance window covering. When it comes to cleaning your blinds, we recommend referring to the manufacturer’s guidelines, however, here are some quick tips for DIY cleaning.

Maintenance - Regularly remove surface dust with either a duster, soft cloth, or a vacuum brush on a gentle setting.

Cleaning - Once you’ve removed dust from your blinds, dilute a mild detergent into water then use a damp sponge to wipe off any dirt. To finish, wipe the blind with a dry cloth.

Never use abrasive products or solvents/industrial-based cleaners. Do not roll up fabric while it is damp. And remember, you can always call your local Carpet Court team for expert advice on cleaning your blinds.

Sunscreen your home with high-quality roller blinds

Protect your floors and furnishings from harmful UV rays while enjoying an excellent view and maintaining daytime privacy with our Transitional range. Always check with your flooring manufacturer's guide. Carpet Court’s Transitional range is a 2x2 basket weave sunscreen fabric, with a 5% openness factor that controls light and heat and protects from 95% of UV rays. The darker colours in the range provide a superior view, while the lighter shades reflect heat to keep your home cooler in warm weather. Also available in Transitional Light Filter and Transitional Plus, this entire Transitional range allows roller blinds to become sunscreen blinds.

Opt for light filtering window coverings for your home

Feel safe and secure day and night with light filtering window blinds. For rooms where you don’t need to blockout light, such as a living room, light filtering fabrics are an excellent option. Light filtering fabric softens and diffuses light evenly, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of natural light in your home while providing privacy and security.

This clever fabric creates a two-way screen, preventing anyone from seeing in or out. These blinds provide you with optimal daytime privacy, great for unsightly views or windows overlooking a street.

Blockout fabric curtains vs blockout blinds

Curtains run from above the window to the floor and sit outside a window or doorframe. Blinds sit flush within or just outside the window/door frame. So, which is the best option for your home? The answer is whatever look matches your tastes and interior style.

Blockout curtains - These will add a feeling of warmth and softness to your room along with a perception of height due to their long fabric folds. When closed, they will darken your room and create privacy as needed.

Blockout blinds - Give you sleek, minimal lines that suit any interior style. They are low-maintenance and can be retracted to disappear almost completely out of sight.

Both window covering options are timeless, effective at controlling light, provide excellent insulation and are available in a variety of different fabrics. Many people choose to combine blockout blinds with sheer curtains and blockout curtains to maximise versatility.


Double roller blinds vs blockout roller blinds

Would you like blockout roller blinds but need privacy in the daytime? Double roller blinds give you the best of both worlds. Hung on a duo roller, double roller blinds allow you to choose two different blind fabrics for one window or door.

A single blockout roller blind is an excellent choice for a room where you need the ability to darken a room and don’t require daytime privacy when the blind is sitting open.

A double roller blind allows you to hang a transitional blind or light filtering blind with a blockout blind. A few of our fabrics have a light filtering and blockout version of the same range such as the Contemporary Light Filter and Contemporary Blockout. Or hang two light filtering blinds in matching or complementary shades to add depth to your window dressing and allow you to further darken a room, without blocking the light completely.

Low maintenance, high-quality window coverings for your home

Good-looking. Low-maintenance. Built to last. Sounds like a dream come true! That’s what you get with roller blinds, and these are the reasons they have been enduringly popular in Aussie homes for years. What’s more, the range and functionality of the fabrics keep getting better, too. So, with dozens of colours and textures to choose from across our blockout, light filtering and transitional ranges, you are sure to find something that matches your interior design style and décor.

If you’re not sure whether roller blinds are right for your home or office, browse online to see the rest of our window furnishing range. You’ll find:

  • Venetian Blinds Sleek, hygienic, and excellent for privacy.
  • Vertical Blinds Practical, modern vertical fabric slats that blend in with all interiors.
  • Panel Blinds Modern panel glide blinds offer optimum access through sliding doors.
  • Veri Shades® Combine the softness of curtains with the versatility of blinds.
  • Plantation Shutters Timeless, stylish, and great for insulation and light control.
  • Roman Blinds Have the look of a soft furnishing with the functionality of a blind.
  • Curtains – Sheer curtains and blockout curtains available in s-wave, pleated and eyelet styles.

Benefits of blockout roller blinds

There are loads of benefits to choosing blockout roller blinds for your home or office:

  • Versatility – A wide choice of fabrics and the ability to open the blind to any height depending on your needs.
  • Affordability– Roller blinds are one of Carpet Court’s most affordable window furnishings.
  • Privacy – Enjoy total privacy when the blinds are closed.
  • Light control – Let as little or as much light in as you like.

The following fabric choices are available for our range of roller blinds:

Light filtering - enjoy diffused natural light and day and night-time privacy.

Transitional – made in a basket weave sunscreen fabric, with a 5% openness factor, transitional blinds allow light and heat to be controlled, while also providing a clear view of the outside.

Blockout – block 100% of light. Perfect for completely darkening a bedroom.

Our Contemporary, Downton and Austere fabric collections add the wow factor with textured fabrics for a luxe look and are available in both blockout and light filtering styles.

Turn day into night with blockout roller blinds

Transform day into night in one simple movement. Blockout roller blinds are mounted face fit, or recess fit to ensure optimum function with no gaps. Our expert team can come to you for a free measure and quote and advise which mounting system is best for your windows or doors to ensure complete blockout. Make sure you ask our friendly team any other window furnishing questions you might have like warranty and maintenance information.


What blinds are best for blocking sunlight?

The best blinds for blocking light are blockout roller blinds. Blockout fabrics have special treatments and backings to make them block light and, unlike other window treatments like Venetian blinds, custom-made roller blinds have minimal gaps to let in light.

What are Blockout roller blinds?

Blockout roller blinds are roller blinds fitted with blockout fabric. They are a popular and affordable window dressing available in a large variety of classic and on-trend colours and textures that look great and allow you to make a room dark and private.