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Beautifully textured fabric gives this blind a luxurious appearance. Custom Blinds are available at selected Carpet Court stores only so best to check if your nearest store has them available first.

Beautifully textured fabric gives this blind a luxurious appearance. Custom Blinds are available at selected Carpet Court stores only so best to check if your nearest store has them available first.

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Warranty Information

Please check your warranty information with your retailer.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

What’s the best way to use Blizzard Fabric?

When you begin a home renovation or décor update, the flow-on effect and the flurry created can have you feeling a little like you’ve been caught in a blizzard. You find one decision can’t be made without finalising another. You are trying to keep to a budget and do things gradually, but it’s just not working out that way. The plan wasn’t to lay new flooring yet, but the colour you want for the walls and window dressings is going to look horrible unless you do the floors now!

Home decorating can certainly be stressful. But when you reach the point of considering your window dressings, you’ve often reached the end of your renovation storm. The walls and floors are usually done. The blizzard has receded into a spattering of snowflakes and finally the slush is drying up and you may even see a little sunshine peeking through the clouds.

One hundred and forty-seven of Carpet Court’s two hundred locally owned and operated Australian stores are selling blinds and shutters, so it is simple and easy to obtain expert advice from your local Carpet Court specialist. Their expert staff will happily provide a free measure and quote and discuss which style of blind and which fabric will best suit your lifestyle, your home and your windows. The ease and pleasure of with Carpet Court staff is pretty much the icing on the home-upgrade cake!

I’ve chosen the Blizzard fabric, now what?

Firstly, great choice! Carpet Court’s beautiful Blizzard fabric has a patterned design running through the fabric, which depending on your colour choice can vary between subtle and obvious.

Now you need to consider Blizzard’s six colour options designed to complement any home colour palette. Iron brings warmth and depth of colour, enabling the integral textural pattern to stand out. With Snow the pattern is subtle, relying on reflective light to draw it out. Pearl is a beautiful comforting earthy tone and White offers another shade alternative to Snow. Shitake brings nature’s beautiful browns indoors and Black is your most dramatic colour popular in today’s contemporary design trends.

This stunning, durable fabric is a block-out grade fabric so you may have chosen this to install in both living and dining areas along with bedrooms, giving you complete privacy and temperature control where you need it most. In a roller blind Blizzard will also suit your bathroom and kitchen if your colour scheme is consistent throughout.

Not only will the Blizzard fabric provide you with the comfort and functionality that your home needs, its eye-catching pattern will also bring a wow factor to every room.

Which style blind should I choose?

Carpet Court’s Blizzard fabric is available in panel glide, roller and roman blinds and your decision will depend on your lifestyle, budget, home and window design and personal preference. You can rest assured though, that whichever blind and colour you choose, your home will look beautiful once your blinds are installed.

Raising your blinds during the day allows the most light into your room, so depending on the level of privacy required, you might choose to open them fully or partially. Once the sun sets you can draw your panel glide, roman or roller blinds and transform your rooms into private, insulated, comfortable spaces made special by your choice of Blizzard fabric.

Choosing a panel glide blind is generally determined by the size of your door or window, as they are designed to be a covering for the larger space. Panel glide blinds are considered to be a modern version of the vertical blind and they operate in the same way.

Roller blinds are Carpet Court’s inexpensive option and while they can be considered to be the plainer style of the three, when custom made in the Blizzard fabric they are anything but plain. They are a highly functional blockout blind, easy to operate and providing full privacy, insulation and light control. Roller blinds can be installed in several difference ways, providing different effects to your window canvas. Highly practical and simple to use, roller blinds can add style and comfort to your home.

A roman blind is your third option in the Blizzard fabric range. Roman blinds have pleated folds for added interest and are raised vertically in your window space. With just a little more flair than the roller blind, the roman blind is suited to most rooms in the house.

Do my Blizzard fabric blinds come with a warranty?

Yes, a full warranty is provided with all Carpet Court blinds. Details will be provided by your Carpet Court service representative or your nearest Carpet Court show room.

If your redecorating project is in its final stages, phone Carpet Court on 13 CARPET to arrange the icing to your home upgrade cake – stunning blinds custom made to fit your glass doors and windows in the luxurious Blizzard fabric.

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