Shelley’s Family Friendly Home Hacks

During the summer months, including school holidays and the festive season, you might find your interiors showing the strain of a little more wear and tear than usual.

To keep your home in pristine condition, no matter how hectic things might get, Shelley shares her easy home hacks that you can roll out across various rooms of the house.

Colour Camouflage

Steer clear of bright whites and other light colours, which tend to be more unforgiving when it comes to dirt and stains. Instead opt for a slightly deeper colour palette, which can help conceal a multitude of sins. Darker coloured carpets are especially good at masking marks and if you have pets that tend to moult, it’s wise to opt for shades that can camouflage the hair until you find time to get the vacuum out.

High Styling

Keep homeware items safe, sound and out of reach by showcasing fragile items on high shelving or tall, solid sideboards. Not only does doing so eliminate any risk of objects being accidentally knocked, but the effect can help to break up vast wall expanses and inject interest across plain paint jobs.

Family Proof Flooring

Flooring often takes the brunt of active family life with carpet piles becoming down-trodden in areas with high foot-traffic and stains particularly common in dining and living spaces.

Timber offers a durable and stylish flooring solution for busy families. Carpet Court’s Quick-Step timber range simply clicks together for swift and seamless installation that will make your family areas more manageable in no time at all.

If you prefer to stick with the comfort of carpet, nylon varieties cope exceptionally well with heavy footfall, thanks to their stain, wear, fade and oil-resistant properties.

Blind Spots

If you’ve got little ones, floor-length drapes or vertical blinds tend to be a no-no. Instead, opt for Roman or Venetian styles, which can be pulled up during the day to keep them out of the reach of inquisitive hands and allow plenty of natural light to spill into the room at the same time. Venetians come with the added benefit of being constructed from wipe-clean materials, to keep maintenance to a minimum.