Channel sophisticated home office style

Home office style tips

More and more of us are spending time working from home, whether it’s in a professional capacity or on more personal ventures. As a result, home offices have become increasingly commonplace and a space that requires the same amount of thought and consideration as every other area of the home.

The right working environment should incite motivation, counter distractions and, above all, be a place you enjoy to spending time in, so here are Carpet Court’s top five recommendations on how to turn your home office into a haven:

Invest in luxury

Home offices tend to be a relatively solo space, with less intensive foot traffic than living areas, so if your work environment is closed off from the rest of the home, it can be the perfect place to invest in luxury features, like sumptuous carpet.

Focus on colour

Where a drab colour palette does absolutely nothing to stimulate the mind, selective pops of colour in artwork, floral arrangements, soft furnishings or even stationary can provide exactly the workspace motivation you need. Consider how you typically feel when you work from home and choose your hues accordingly. If you regularly find yourself feeling stressed out to the max, blue tones can help instil an unwavering sense of calm, while if you tend to lack a bit of get up and go, an injection of red can deliver an adrenaline boost. Choose brighter yellows and oranges to inspire positivity and creativity, and green to improve productivity.

Oh natural!

Speaking of green, bringing the outside into your office space can help to stop the room from feeling too claustrophobic and brings some welcome mental stimulation in an environment, which can run the risk of feeling a little sterile. Having plants in your line of sight while working is proven to boost everything from memory retention and mental wellbeing, to creativity and productivity, so investing in some fresh foliage can go a long way in help you kick your career goals.

Lighting matters

As we’ve already outlined, natural references make offices spaces a significantly more comfortable place to work in, so make the most of your natural light sources with roller blinds, or panel glides, which allow the full amount of light and air to flow into the room when open. If you’re lacking natural light, choose an artificial option that comes as close as possible to the real thing: bright, warm and with a dimmer switch to adjust the level of brightness throughout the day.

Organise your space

Your office layout should work just as hard as you do, so carefully consider the mechanics of your space. Place frequently used items within arm’s length for ease of access, store documents in an ordered filing system and keep clutter to a minimum. Your office space shouldn’t be all work and no play though, so don’t completely wipe out personal touches, as you run the risk of it becoming soulless.