Carpet Court’s Nursery Design Tips

Nursery design tips

When designing a nursery, the longevity of its style and contents should be a primary consideration – after all, you don’t want to find yourself having to redecorate or hunt for replacement products with a toddler in tow. Carpet Court share the best ways to future-proof space for your new arrival.

A vinyl collection

Nursery flooring has to boast a multitude of beneficial properties. It needs to be easy to clean, because of the inevitable mishaps; ultra-durable; soft underfoot for when babies start crawling and walking; hygienic, and affordable. For me, vinyl ticks all the boxes and the variety of styles available allows parents to strike the perfect balance between fashionable and functional. To inject a bit of comfort and colour, overlay flooring with a Lattice rug from the Carpet Court Kids Collection.

Don’t stereotype

While there’s always temptation to go all out with the traditional ‘blue for boys, pink for girls’ palette, opting for a gender-neutral base will give the room more flexible design potential in the long run. Whites, greys and beiges all create a calming atmosphere and can be changed up with accents of bright pops of colour to enhance your child’s visual development in the early months.

Concept over colour

Another alternative is to try theming the space around a specific concept, rather than a specific palette. Feature walls depicting adventurous landscapes, statement artwork with whimsical literary references or the introduction of nature-inspired elements make for an enchanting nursery and can be easily swapped out as your tastes (or your child’s) change.

Don’t forget about functionality

While it’s easy to get swept up perfecting the more artistic elements of your baby’s nursery, don’t forget about the practical side of the space. Think carefully about the layout, keeping cleaning products near the change station and items out of reach or hidden away for when your baby starts becoming more inquisitive. Storage – and plenty of it – is also a real essential. Chests for toys, boxes for nursing products and baskets to drop soiled clothing into will help to keep the room as clutter-free as is possible and save you countless trips back and forth between other rooms in the home. It’s also a good idea to envisage how the space can grow with your child, so, for example, could you change the nursing area into a play zone when your child no longer requires feeding through the night?