Seasonal styling

Seasonal styling

Darren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.

Whilst we might not have the extreme seasonal changes of Europe our summers get pretty hot, last a long time and contrast nicely against the cooler months of the year. How do we create our homes to minimise the effort to transition between the seasons? What are the tips on creating a great base for your home, all year round?

Moderation is the answer

Most people don’t need to be talked into favouring a neutral palette, it’s the safest and most popular by far, simply for its ease of application and no risk outcomes. A completely neutral colour scheme though can also become devoid of contrast so it’s important to create opportunities for interest by introducing colour and texture.

To allow your home to be the most seasonably flexible, you need to create a base that is neither warm, nor cool. A neutral base of true whites and greys will easily allow you to adjust the decorating temperature dial either way. You aren’t restricted to light colours only. You can venture into the land of mid to dark neutral tones for interest in terms of wall colour, door colour, wood work like architraves and skirting boards and even furniture choices and décor.

Working with a natural palette will allow you to change with the seasons

Oak floors have a huge variation of colour options, many of which sit well as part of a neutral colour scheme. Natural stone, too, can often be a flexible interior choice as is concrete if you’re looking to create a more stark or industrial look.

Creating a well-balanced palette of neutral colours, natural textures and materials will allow you to add in whatever it is the season requires. By focusing on the interior before you decorate with a view that all inclusions refer to each other to balance the look and feeling of the room, you can layer in fresh, bright and summery décor or rich luscious and sultry winter inspired elements with ease.

Perfect summer inclusions to lighten and brighten your home are materials such as linen and cotton, with light and breezy sheer curtains adding to the tropical summer vibe. Brighter colours like yellows, sapphire blues and emeralds all pop beautifully as part of a summer décor palette. You can pair your soft furnishings right back, hang a hammock and enjoy the simplicity that can come with a spring/summer palette. Look for opportunities to add freshness through cushions featuring palms or seaside motifs or fun patterns.

When you’re decorating for winter, look at deeper and sultrier tones

Ruby, Olive and Plum all work nicely with accents of gold or brass to warm up your winter rooms. Materials like velvet, chunky wool knits, cashmere and anything made from natural fibres that’s soft will do the trick. Look for deeper and darker colours, over-scaled florals and even candle light to create the right winter ambience.

Don’t forget, if you live in a particularly cool climate to add a block out drape to your summer sheers to keep the warm air inside your home from being cooled by the glass in your windows and doors. They not only add a good thermal barrier but the heavier fabrics draped from wall to wall and ceiling to floor create a lovely, rich ambience in your winter spaces.