How to create a luxury kitchen look on a budget

Budget Kitchen ideas

The kitchen is, for many people, the hub of the home. Particularly with the advent of open plan living, it’s where we relax, catch up with loved ones, and, inevitably, end up gathered at a party.

Whatever your reason for redressing your kitchen, whether you’re tackling a full reno or just looking to elevate the quality of your space by making a few design changes, creating a luxury look on a budget is more than possible. Even if kitchens are typically one of the most expensive rooms of the home to makeover.

luxury kitchen look on a budget

The key to success lies in allocating your money where it matters most. Here are Carpet Court’s top recommendations on how to get top quality without spending top dollar:

Grounded design

With their distinct grains, authentic texture and unrivalled durability, timber floorboards are widely, and understandably, considered the most premium flooring option. But thanks to the quality of timber-effect flooring available today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine real hardwood from laminate, vinyl and, in particular, new multilayer hybrid options. All offer a similar look and feel of genuine timber, but at a fraction of the cost. Hybrid styles, such as Veles in Peat or Aqua Tuf in Brown Oak, start from just $49.90 – roughly half the price of most timber options. Plus, multilayer hybrid styles have an additional edge, thanks to their 100% waterproof rating.

Classy and classic

We’re all for creative design, but try not to get caught up in design fads when it comes to choosing the core features of your kitchen space. There’s a reason deluxe kitchen spaces tend to fall into one of two categories: a sleek, contemporary look, led by monochrome and metallics; or the more rustic feel, which draws on natural materials, like marble, stone and timber. By all means change up your colour scheme and accessories to capitalise on current design trends, but just make sure investment pieces, like benchtops, built-in appliances and flooring, fit with a style you’ll love for years to come.

Material world

Using a blend of materials not only adds depth and interest to your space, but is also an ideal way of maximising your budget. Consider the areas that take the brunt of kitchen activity and use the real deal in contrast with more cost-effective alternatives. While engineered stone benchtops are both cheaper and more practical compared to the likes of marble, they will still eat up a significant chunk of your budget. Cabinetry, on the other hand, is often somewhere you can claw some money back. Alternatives like laminate or timber veneer allow you to create a multitude of stylish finishes that imitate real materials to an almost indistinguishable degree.

The trimmings

When it comes to luxing up your kitchen, the devil is in the detail and a few carefully considered styling pieces can create the illusion expensive taste runs through every element of your space. Our favourite hacks include decanting regular handwash and moisturiser into branded bottles and having a few choice bottles of vino on display.