Keeping your home clutter free

Keeping your home clutter free

Darren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.


Kids, animals, and life in general; stuff just seems to pile up and pile up if you don’t keep on top of it and have a place for everything to keep everything in its place. How exactly do you live a tidier life when we live at the pace we do, without constantly staying on top of every guest and occupant of your home to keep the place tidy? With these few household hacks, you can navigate how to keep your place spick and span.

Keep your everyday bits & bobs tidy

Keeping your everyday bits and bobs tidy and ordered is the key to keeping on top of clutter and where better to start than your front door. If you have an entrance you will find that unless you have a system of storage in place you will accumulate piles of papers, bills, dog leads and children’s things, all of which you can keep in a designated spot if only you take the time to designate a spot for it. A quick trip to a storage store will help.The woven or faux woven boxes look good on the outside and allowing you to stack or compile things within. Perhaps a filing system for bills is something to consider as well, maybe a vertical file or a magazine holder to allow you to keep track and store all your day to day mail and invoices. Keeping a uniform look on the outside with labels on each box for different elements allows you to tidy and sort your day to day items, though be sure to regularly sort through them so as not to accumulate clutter that is out of sight.

Bed boxes are a great way to allow for overflow storage in your bedroom

They can be a great place to store your decorative cushions and emergency winter blankets overnight so you don’t wake every day to a sea of cushions surrounding your bed each morning. Bed boxes are also a great inclusion in kid’s rooms to keep overflow toys, although be warned, if the bed boxes aren’t opened at regular intervals toys can quickly be outgrown.

Coffee tables are also a great opportunity to keep your lounge rooms nice & tidy

Having boxes that slide under your coffee table or indeed creating storage in the coffee table itself gives you an opportunity to let your kids play free and clear for the majority of the time but with the option to quickly whip around and hide the toys and books in one central place hidden from view when the need arises to present your home in pristine condition.

Add personality with display shelves 

If you’re short on cupboard space to effectively pick things up and hide them behind closed doors, shelves are a great, decorative way to make a feature of empty walls as well as being a good opportunity to be able to lift things up of the floor that might otherwise create visual and physical obstacles in the space. Board games, toys and books can find their own place either on children’s bedroom walls or those in your lounge room, either at a child friendly level or at a height that takes them out of reach should you need to control access to them.

If you’re designing a kitchen, one favourite approach to keep your benchtops clear of clutter is to create an appliance cupboard with an internal drawer. Being able to have your kettle, blender and toaster all tucked away but powered and ready for action is a great way to free up your benchtops, just be sure that you are able to ensure that your appliances can’t be turned on and shut behind closed doors as this can create a fire hazard. Overhead cupboards and shelves also give places to keep the types of things that can take over benchtops. Although it’s a home, not a museum after all, so live comfortably and sensibly in your home all the while looking for places to keep your everyday items within arm’s reach but out of sight.