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Inspired by nature, the coastal colours of the Broome range brings a feeling of tranquility and freshness to your home. The natural look and feel of these blinds perfectly complements contemporary decor and evokes a sense of laidback luxury.

Inspired by nature, the coastal colours of the Broome range brings a feeling of tranquility and freshness to your home. The natural look and feel of these blinds perfectly complements contemporary decor and evokes a sense of laidback luxury.

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Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

Why should I consider Carpet Court’s Broome Blind Fabric?

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest carpet, blinds and flooring centre. With over two hundred Australian stores locally owned and operated, whether you are building a new home or redecorating your existing home it is so easy to sort out all your flooring and window dressing requirements with Carpet Court’s knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Choosing fabrics and styles can be fun, but it can also be confusing. There are so many choices! And when you find a pattern or colour you love, how hard is it to be sure it is going to match the rest of the room when you are trying to co-ordinate your choices between several different suppliers! Selecting your flooring and your window dressings together with the help of your Carpet Court specialist is a convenient way to ensure that your choices work well together.

Carpet Court offer a range of styles and fabrics with which to dress your windows. It may be that indoor shutters, venetian, roman or vertical blinds will create the mood and feel you are after, while suiting your budget and providing the practical functionality you require. But if the window dressing best suited to your home is a panel glide or roller blind, then your next decision is which of Carpet Court’s many luxurious fabrics will create the ambience you are looking for.

One such fabric which is a popular choice with many is called Broome. Inspired by the natural beauty of the magnificent west coast locale, the Broome fabric has a natural look and feel and the broad colour range reflects the spectacular coastal environment. It has a horizontal patterned texture which has the visual effect of making your windows or doors appear wider.

Which colours does the Broome fabric come in?

Available in nine tasteful shades to complement your décor and bring a feeling of tranquil sophistication to your home, Broome is a block-out grade blind fabric. It has a subtle horizontal pattern quite obvious in the shades with more depth of colour, and less apparent in the lighter shades of Ivory and Snow. Mushroom has a warm tone and a pleasant blend of light and darker shades, while Lichen does the same but - as the name suggests - has muted forest floor undertones.

Parchment offers slightly warmer tones than the cool colours of Ivory and Snow, while Sand and Biscotti bring in soft brown blends so easy to mix and match your accessories with. Pewter and Stone are relaxing shades sure to enhance the ambience of any home.

What are the features of the Broome fabric?

Broome’s block-out grade qualities not only manage the amount of light available in the room but is also an effective way to provide temperature control along with privacy where you need it. Not only will the Broome fabric bring a fresh, modern feel to your décor, in a panel glide or roller blind it will deliver simple, classy style, comfort and practicality to your redecorating project.

How are the panel glide and roller blinds operated?

Your panel glide blinds are easy to operate. They slide across your larger window or sliding door opening and stack tidily to one side by use of a wand control. They are the perfect blind for large opening doors, enabling full light and outdoor views to be enjoyed.

Roller blinds raise vertically and also allow full access and light to enter the room while also providing full privacy and light control. When you opt for a roller blind you can also choose how you would like the fabric to roll off the cylinder – forward or backward, where you would like to mount your roller blind – inside or outside of the door or window cavity.

Roller blinds are installed with either a motorised or chain-controlled operator. If you elect the chain control method it will be installed with a mandatory chain retainer bracket for safety.

If desired the roller blind cylinder can be obscured by a pelmet which is a popular option if your blind is backward-rolled, exposing the rear side of the blind on the roll. Pelmets also come in a variety of colours and designs. The bottom of your roller blind can be finished with a simple sewn hem or an aluminium rail, which also comes in a range of colours.

Your Carpet Court consultant will help you work through your options and come to a decision taking into account your visual preferences and practical needs.

I have pets and children. How easy is it to clean the Broome fabric?

The easiest and safest way to clean your blinds is to use a professional blind-cleaning service, but should you need to undertake minor cleaning of a small area, an art gum rubber can be used after testing on an inconspicuous area first.

Mild soapy detergent on a damp sponge can also be used as long as it is gently rinsed clean by wiping with a sponge and again, tested first. Caution is recommended because different fabrics can react differently. If your blind gathers any dust it can be carefully vacuumed with the soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Full care instructions and recommendations will be provided by your Carpet Court specialist when your blinds are installed.

When undertaking your home renovation or redecoration project, selecting Carpet Court’s Broome fabric for your blinds will successfully create a fresh feel and bring a sense of Broome’s spectacular coastal scenery to your home. Why not make your redecorating project easy and ask your friendly Carpet Court specialist to provide a free measure and quote today?

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