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Relax into a comfortable and cosy rhythm with the Cadence range of custom roller blinds. Perfect for decorators who love a neutral colour palette, this beautifully textured translucent range provides a luxurious canvas for your windows.

Relax into a comfortable and cosy rhythm with the Cadence range of custom roller blinds. Perfect for decorators who love a neutral colour palette, this beautifully textured translucent range provides a luxurious canvas for your windows.

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Warranty Information

Please check your warranty information with your retailer.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

What are the benefits of using Carpet Court’s Cadence Blind Fabric?

While you would be forgiven for thinking that Carpet Court’s specialty is carpets and flooring, you couldn’t be more wrong. Carpet Court is also Australia’s largest retailer of window coverings because one hundred and forty-seven of their two hundred locally-owned and operated stores also sell blinds and shutters.

This means that Carpet Court’s range of high quality window coverings - including venetian, panel glide, vertical, roman and roller blinds, and not forgetting the ever-popular plantation shutters – can easily be found at a Carpet Court showroom near you.

Currently on-trend in home decorating are neutral colour palettes brought to life by careful blending and accessorising. When choosing blinds to provide a luxurious finish to your window canvas, Carpet Court’s wonderfully textural and translucent Cadence range is a popular choice with those who love to play with contemporary neutral shades, combining them with exquisite styles and textures to create interest.

What colour choices are there in Carpet Court’s Cadence fabric?

The delightful Cadence fabric brings balance and tempo to the current home decorating trends, adding to the sleek and sophisticated vibe of modern homes. Depending on your choice of colour, you can transform your living and sleeping spaces utilising the uncluttered, clean ambience that the whisper white tones of Ivory and White create, or by making a firm statement of intent evident by the classy, bold black tones of Onyx. For those looking to position themselves somewhere between the two, Grey provides a soothing effect with a little more oomph than the whites but less “look at me” than the truly spectacular Onyx.

What are the characteristics of the Cadence range?

The Cadence range of custom made roller blinds is a translucent blind fabric which provides sunscreen benefits, privacy and a soft diffused light perfect for those that like a light and bright room without baring its soul to the great outdoors.

A translucent blind will protect your flooring and furniture from damaging glare where exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is imminent and provides added security by restricting visibility from the outside looking in.

How would the translucent Cadence blind fit with a blockout roller blind?

A translucent blind can be mounted inside your window cavity and the blockout blind mounted separately on the outside, either on the architrave or the wall. Both blinds can be forward or backward rolled off the cylinder depending on the space available and your insulation and appearance requirements. If necessary different sized cylinders can be used to effectively use the space available.

Alternatively, a duo bracket can be used whereby two blinds can be fixed on one bracket. If you want a translucent sunscreen shade for daytime screening and a blockout blind for night privacy or temperature control, this is the ideal mounting option. When a duo bracket is used the back blind will roll backward and the front blind will roll forward. It is a mandatory safety requirement that the control chains are on opposite sides of the door or window to avoid entanglement.

Translucent and blockout blinds can also be mounted with a pelmet which provides further benefits regarding insulation and is aesthetically pleasing. A pelmet also assists where complete blockout is necessary, such as in a home theatre or bedroom. Carpet Court offer different sizes and styles in pelmets which are colour co-ordinated and are the perfect finishing touch to your complete window canvas.

Are blinds with chain controls a safe choice for my family?

Carpet Choice custom-made blinds with chain controls are installed by professional installation experts and comply with mandatory Australian safety standards using a fixed chain retainer bracket to ensure the utmost safety for your family.

How should I clean my Cadence fabric blind?

Your Carpet Court installer will leave you with care instructions for your blind. The safest method for cleaning recommended by Carpet Court is to use a professional blind cleaning service.

When your custom-made blind is installed care instructions will be provided. Should you need to, you can obtain further information on how to care for your new blinds with your nearest Carpet Court customer service representative by calling 13 CARPET.

Do my custom-made Cadence fabric blinds come with a warranty?

Yes, all Carpet Court custom-made blinds come with a comprehensive warranty. Your Carpet Court customer service representative will be happy to discuss the warranty inclusions with you.

There are numerous benefits to including a translucent blind to your window dressings. Privacy, security, light diffusion and minimising sun damage are all important considerations when it comes to your choice of window coverings. Your friendly and knowledgeable Carpet Court consultant can provide inspirational suggestions and advice when you call 13 CARPET to arrange a free measure and quote.

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