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Bring the vibe of downtown city living into your home with a range that's as cool as it is comfortable. With its durable features and classic style, First Avenue suits a range of lifestyles, including active families.

Produced with premium solution dyed nylon, First Avenue carpet has excellent wear and anti-soiling characteristics and features Activecare®, which is a self-renewing odour neutraliser that purifies and freshens the air indoors.

The First Avenue range boasts a range of contemporary, warm and extremely versatile colours. Light hues are a great choice to make smaller rooms appear larger whereas if you want to walk on the wilder side, look at the darker tones. These shades add instant impact to any space and look amazing against white walls.

Carpet Classification Premium Soft
Type Carpet
Carpet Type Twist
Fibre Synthetic
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Warranty Information

Beaulieu Australia carpet is produced with either premium solution dyed nylon, polypropylene or polyester carpet yarns, all of which have excellent wear and anti-soiling characteristics. Carpet performance is directly related to – specification, installation, and maintenance.

For more detailed warranty information, please download the Beaulieu Warranty Guide.

Care Instructions

Your Beaulieu Australia carpet is a significant investment both in financial terms and in the overall image of your home or workplace. Ongoing carpet maintenance is critical to extending the life of your carpet and sustaining optimum performance and appearance levels and a healthy indoor environment. Every installation must have a clean, healthy carpet every day of the year and this can only be achieved by selecting and establishing a maintenance program that best meets your needs. More information on caring for your carpet can be viewed and downloaded here.

What benefits can I expect from the First Avenue carpet?

First Avenue carpet is made by Beaulieu Australia, which is now recognised as a market leader in providing the most comprehensive range of environmental sustainable floor coverings in Australia.

The First Avenue carpet range is produced with premium solution dyed nylon, which has excellent wear and anti-soiling characteristics. For more information on caring for your carpet, you can view our online guide.

What does Activecare® add to the range?

First Avenue solution dyed nylon carpets feature Activecare®, which is a self-renewing odour neutraliser that purifies and freshens the air indoors. Unlike surface treatments, ActiveCare® is integrated into the carpet during manufacture and forms a complex molecular bond with the carpet fibre which withstands repeated cleaning and does not need to be re-applied.

The beauty of ActiveCare® is that it naturally absorbs and decomposes gases from the source and is active to common organics such as waste, spilled milk etc, as well as non-biological compounds such as components in smoke and the releases from manufactured articles such as flooring and resins.

Is ActiveCare environmentally safe?

Yes. ActiveCare® works by breaking down most organic molecules into inert material and can measurably reduce volatile organic chemical emissions. The ActiveCare® applied to First Avenue carpets is a blend of organic and inorganic materials and has no adverse environmental effects, no odour of its own and does not adversely affect fire hazard properties.

What is Resistain?

The use of a new generation of solution dyed polyamide yarns offers many attractive advantages to carpet manufacturers on the lookout for new opportunities. Resistain® is a man-made yarn, which is dyed during extrusion. This process is environmentally friendly and leads to brightly coloured and highly resistant yarns for modern, high-end carpet manufacturing. Resistain® yarn is ideal for the heavy duty contract market as well as for very demanding upmarket residential projects, so imagine how durable it is in the family home!  As the yarn is also finer than the traditional yarns, First Avenue carpet equipped with Resistain can offer more elaborate and pleasing colour schemes that hold their colour properties and are extremely resistant to fading.

First Avenue uses Easybac carpet backing. What is that?

Easybac is the world’s most advanced carpet backing system that makes the job of fitting wall-to-wall carpet simplicity itself. This strong, dimensionally stable carpet backing system makes your First Avenue carpet beautifully warm and comfortable to walk on, and provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation advantages.

How would you describe the First Avenue colour palette?

Contemporary, warm and extremely versatile is how we’d describe the 11 shades in the First Avenue range. You have light colours such as First Avenue Sweet Sage and Tort, which are a great choice if you’re a fan of Scandi style. Lighter hues make smaller rooms appear bigger and you can either create a fresh, totally neutral palette, or contrast the flooring with darker walls and furniture for a strikingly sophisticated look. If you want to take a walk on the wilder side, look at darker tones such as First Avenue Monument Black, Cloud Break and Gunpowder Smoke. These shades add instant impact to any space and look amazing against white walls. Remember, you can always lighten the overall feel by adding soft furnishings in pops of bright colours. Pearl gray is a great choice if you like to switch up your décor from time to time, as this versatile shade matches virtually any other colour without clashing.

How do I use Carpet Court’s Style Visualiser?

Easy. If you have a standard computer link or virtual reality goggle mode on your phone, Style Visualiser will transport you to a finished room and let you see how your First Avenue colour choice makes you feel on a more emotional, immersive level. If you’re not 100% sure about the look you’ve chosen, all you have to do is simply choose another one and compare. Even if you’re not an experienced renovator or don’t think you have the knack for interior design, you simple can’t go wrong with Carpet Court’s Style Visualiser, as it lets you see and experience how the First Avenue carpet colour you’ve chosen will actually look installed in a room. That’s why this amazing styling tool, which is exclusive to Carpet Court, is the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience. Try it for yourself here.

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